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Podemos Xàbia demands the implementation of measures to solve the problem of discharges in the Arenal

27 July 2022 - 09: 45

The Círculo de Podemos Xàbia has issued a statement regarding the closure of the Arenal Beach requesting the implementation of different measures to solve the problem of discharges.

The statement is as follows:

The denialism of the City Council has collapsed. They have been accusing Ecologistas en Acción of being alarmists for two months, hiding results and explaining to us that the mixture of fresh water with salt water results in a brown color. Two months, if we count only the last episode of the "Arenal case."

Already in November of last year there was a public complaint by the environmental group about the fatbergs found in the Arenal Beach. And the famous "wipes" have been giving notice for years that in Jávea there is a very serious problem with the purification of wastewater.

Well, in the middle of July the excuses and looking the other way are over. If the problem had been tackled from the beginning with decision and courage, great ecological damage and a significant deterioration of the image of the City Council as an institution could have been avoided.

Instead of denying the evidence, from Podemos we demand a proactive attitude with the implementation of:

  • Separation - as far as possible - of wastewater and rainwater in the network.
  • Storm pond(s) ( = storage of sewage water in case of torrential rains for later purification).
  • Tertiary treatment of the water in the WWTP (it would enable its use for irrigation and its discharge into the sea would not entail any health or ecological problem).

The solution to the problem will not be easy, fast or cheap, but the first steps must be taken now – and it is 'already' too late -, citizens are anxious to see something move.

  1. Ana says:

    Without being podemita, the only ones who, in this case, present the solution to follow and tell the truth, although the separation of rainwater and residual must be complete and it is possible.
    But as can be seen in the comments, those who are truly to blame for the situation are already arriving (those who want to kill Javea with construction and mass tourism, the hicks, those with bread for today and…) barking that if you can, etc… This It has no solution with such ignorant people and the right to vote.

    • Luis says:

      We can now "demand" some measures that everyone knows what they are. They know it as well as they are not going to do it because it requires a huge investment in a new infrastructure. They are very clear on the list. How high is the price and where will the money come from? Showing the list is fine but do it!

  2. Claudio says:

    Now the Podemitas with the "Voice of the People"


    NOW? If the shit pipe is broken since MARCH

    Come on podemitas, that the embarrassment of others with the heat is unbearable.

    Haste they say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Luis says:

    Others who sign up after being quiet since it all started.