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We can express in Xàbia the need for a «Government of the Botanic for Spain» and the Train of the Coast

29 October 2019 - 15: 26

The Podemos Xàbia headquarters opened its doors to present the new proposals of United Podemos for the new appointment of the General Elections. With the presence of the second vice president of the Generalitat and Minister of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, Rubén Martínez Dalmau and the candidates for the Congress by Alicante Txema Guijarro and María Teresa Pérez and the deputy of les Corts, Estefanía Blanes, Podemos has made it clear which are their purposes for Spain and the Marina Alta.

On the one hand, Pérez mentioned the lack of transport infrastructure in the region, "This region needs the train of the coast, that a Dénia with Gandia. It cannot be that the only option to arrive is the car, when it supposes a high cost and nothing sustainable", said the candidate.

María Teresa pointed out the need to create a public company that manages renewable energy, which will allow a decrease in electricity bills and the creation of 600.000 jobs.

On the other hand, Txema Guijarro, indicated like his companions, that "Spain needs a Botanic government with an active presence of Podemos in which the interests of citizens are prioritized."

  1. Juan Garcia Patiño says:

    Mr. Chulvi this week has been covered with environmental glory with the cutting of trees on the avenue of the Pla, now only need to raise banana edges that are the trees that produce the most allergy to the surrounding people, in addition to being sensitive to
    Hogs and molds of all kinds, to finish off his glorious week.
    And I was going to propose that in the next construction of Isleta Marjna that they integrate a wild pine forest that there is in the lot that they have on Augusta Avenue, to die of laughter. With this granting it does not surprise me that in the urbanizations of Villes al Vent and Cansalades Park is destroying a pine forest with centuries-old pines, I suppose some benefit will give Jaavea
    True, Mr. Chulvi of the PROGUESIST party.

  2. Juan Garcia Patiño says:

    Given that one of the founding partners was against the demolition of the Berlin wall because it hurt his pride
    Communist, lives in a luxury villa with pool in one of the best areas of Madrid, is a collaborating partner with ETABILDUPNV
    friends of the cemeteries of Spain and their idea of ​​the Spanish nation to more than their international relations, Maduro, jameini
    Evo Morales and some more of that style because we can vote with confidence that they will only bring us unemployment and misery to distribute
    among all but of course they will continue sucking the Botanic.

  3. Miquel Strogoff says:

    That would be missing another botanic ...
    When farther from those characters better ...