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Podem Xàbia will present his candidacy next Sunday

19 2023 April - 16: 15

Podem Xàbia presents its electoral candidacy for the municipal elections next Sunday, April 23 at 18:00 p.m. in the restaurant malabrasa, at Calle Sanchis Guarner, 5. The group will offer an aperitif to those who attend.

«47% of the resident population in Jávea have foreign origin. This particularity of our municipality is manifested in the candidacy presented by Podem, where most of the members of the list are either from Xàbia or live in Xàbia (in the old town, in Customs, in the urbanizations, in the Montañar area, etc.) for several decades”, say Bernhard Feiner, current director of the Dénia School of Languages, as number 3 on his list, allowing a deep knowledge of the problems of the town and the environment.

In the list they will present people who carry out activities related to culture, industry, arts, leisure and sports, construction, economy, commerce, private business and the public sector. «Essential aspects when proposing initiatives and proposals that improve the life of Xàbia; as does our number 2 on the list, Vicenta Cruanyes, representing the friends of the museum at the Consell de cultura; or as our number 4 on the Angélika Neitzke volunteer list of the Red Cross of Xàbia».

The people on the list have experience in carrying out initiatives and project management for the public administration, teachers, solidarity, culture, communication, ecology, etc. They have collaborated with governments and institutions, participated in political movements, volunteering and associations of various kinds; «as our head of the list Juan López has done, collaborating with the World Bank as an external consultant on projects in Gabon; or our number 5 on the list Pepe Miralles, a native of Xàbia, who has directed a chair at the UPV Faculty of Fine Arts».

Podemos, they continue, «is the force that transforms. Just like after decades of alternation of the PPSOE in Congress, the real changes for working people came with Podemos (elimination of junk contracts, increase in minimum wage, inflation and energy prices among the lowest in Europe, etc.), Xàbia also it needs the transforming force of Podem to create affordable housing, qualified employment and defend its natural beauty from the construction maelstrom. The search for social justice, teamwork, carrying out local development projects, the conservation of natural spaces, access to housing, are motivations that stimulate the people of the candidacy.

Podem presents a candidacy for the 28M elections that "has the appropriate knowledge and practice to promote and promote projects to improve the municipality, with experience in public procurement, use of European funds and team management."

  1. Ferdinand Val says:

    Come brave!
    Go for the pay!!
    Come on, light up our lives, please.
    Tell us how to do things, for now in the Government of Spain everything is lessons in knowing how to do, yes sir...
    Pathetic that you have the holy balls to continue sucking on the tit of a party that has screwed up Spain on a good basis.
    Tremendous that someone can vote for you, tremendous.

  2. María says:

    The left that agrees with ETA members and leaves 1000 rapists on the street wants to tell us what?
    What story do you want to tell us?

  3. edu garcia says:

    The extreme left wants to settle in Jávea

  4. Chaos says:

    Will the Beloved Leader come to the act?
    I am referring to the Rat that abandoned the ship, after agreeing with nationalists and ETA members.
    I would like to know.

    • JULY says:

      Bite your tongue please

      • Chaos says:

        But the Rat is coming?
        Or is the Minister who has already put 1000 rapists on the street coming?
        The cashier made Minister I mean, the former of the Rat.
        Are they going to come to advise something to the Podemitas of Jávea?

      • Silvia says:

        But where is Freedom of Expression?
        You reds only talk about it, but if you don't like something your Radical Fascism arrives.
        You can be seen from afar...