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"Podem Xàbia will create a municipal music school when it enters the government"

29 March 2023 - 10: 04

Musical training in Xàbia is located at the Conservatory. Only the youth that has been able to enter this institution can be trained here. This situation deprives the rest of the population of the possibility of accessing musical training; besides that these studies have a professional orientation.

The most tenacious people must go to nearby towns (Poble Nou, Pedreguer) twice a week to train musically; This supposes a significant temporary and economic cost for families that have musical concerns; and as is logical, when they have the opportunity they join the local gangs of the municipalities where they have been formed.

Number two on the Podem list for mayor, Vicenta Cruanyes, has made a video that summarizes the situation faced by families who have to move to other municipalities for their children to study music. Podem Xàbia has met with members of the musical band who have denounced this fact; and also with families that take their children to train outside of Xàbia.

As can be seen, the absence of a municipal school causes tedious trips to neighboring towns; discouragement in the youth and their families who want a musical training in their town; lack of vocations because it is not an accessible activity; shortage of students prepared in the conservatory, since there is no possibility of prior training; as well as the difficulty for the local band to be adequately nourished with local musicians.

On the other hand, after the brief economic study of the investment necessary to maintain the school annually, this is perfectly acceptable to the municipality, it is about tens of thousands of euros.

The candidate Cruanyes states that "the promotion of local culture is an initiative that improves the roots of people in their locality, that prevents the flight of talent and that favors a seasonally adjusted and sustainable local economy.

Podem will create a municipal music school when he enters the city government.

Xàbia viu, Xàbia treballa, Xàbia breathes.

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  1. we can forpresident says:

    Well, then we already have a music school or musician or musique

  2. Juan says:

    We can Jávea, I ask you a favor: tell your management to support and join SUMAR, otherwise we're going to hell...