Pepe Vidal says goodbye as president of the Association of Senior Citizens of Benitatxell

The Association of Pensioners and Senior Citizens of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell celebrated, yesterday, Sunday, the traditional brotherhood meal in the Canor Halls as a climax to a Week of the Major full of activities. As usual, the mayor, Miguel Ángel García, and the Mayor's councilor, Isa Garrido, accompanied them in this important annual event.

It was a special act, since after 14 years of intense work, the until now president of the association, Pepe Vidal, said goodbye to the position to give way to the new board of directors composed of Mònica García (president), Pedro Pascual (vice president) , Olimpia Malde (secretary), Teresa Pascual (treasurer), Vicente Pascual, María Eugenia Rueda and Pepita Devesa (vowels). To thank his time for the presidency of the association, a commemorative plaque was presented, a gesture that Vidal appreciated showing himself very excited.

During the celebration, Pepe Vidal also delivered a bouquet of flowers and a plaque to the older member, who on this occasion was Pepica Llobell Buigues. Both the association and the mayor and the councilor of the Mayor thanked Pepica for his dedication to the entity after the 16 years as treasurer.

In parliaments, the mayor of the Mayor, Isa Garrido, highlighted the extraordinary work that the association does every year to organize the Week of the Major and especially the brotherhood meal, which manages to bring together almost 200 pensioners and retirees of the municipality. He also took the opportunity to thank the host.

“I premiered for the first time in this act as Councilor of the Major and I am very grateful. From the first moment I felt very welcome both by Pepe and by the entire board, since since I entered in June I have had them for everything I have needed. ”

For its part, the munícipe put in value the mobilization and participation of the group of elders in all public events of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. “Because it is not only this week, but if the 9 d'Octubre is organized, the middle year of the elderly or any party of the people, the group that participates most and generates movement and action is the group of elders. And that is super important, because they help us keep our traditions alive and make people. The generation of young people, including myself, we have much to learn from you in this regard. ”He said.

Intense week of events

The Association of Pensioners and Retirees has lived with intensity a week full of activities. It started with an interesting conference on the benefits of Aquagym last Tuesday, October 15, which followed practically on Saturday 19 with an open day at the municipal pool, where a monitor taught a class.

On Thursday they also made a trip to Valencia, where they visited the town hall, the church of San Nicolás and the multisensory exhibition 'Van Gogh alive, the experience'.

Finally, on Friday night they enjoyed the musical comedy 'Las leandras del amor', by the company Siete Comediantes, at the Social Center.

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