PP Xàbia opinion: «If something doesn't work, change it»

In Xàbia, the time has come to change the municipal administrative and informative dynamics of tenders. The municipal government is repeating the same mistake over and over again, the Popular Group proposes a single tender and entrust everything to the same company: both the drafting of the project and the execution of the works.

After 8 years of government we vindicate our mayor that it is time to stop selling emotions, redundant and excused information and that his interest is none other than directing and covering the needs of a municipality that is demanding effectiveness.

There may be unforeseen events, even when it is managed well, of course ... but it cannot be that since 2007 until today we have been running time making reports between the Ministry, Confederation, City Council and construction technicians to have a Triana bridge sure.

The bidding procedure of the public works of the municipal government does not work for us, so we propose to change the dynamics that are being followed.

The municipal government tells us that what is possible is done, and we question whether what is due is done. We question that how it is possible that the cracks already existed in the 2017 and now after the videos of the social networks is when we wake up, we make the visits and the rush comes to us.

How many times have we asked people about the Triana Bridge ... We asked ourselves what would have happened if the flood of the 2007 had destroyed the Triana Bridge? At this rate of management and procedures ... Today we would surely be without the bridge. Because exactly, the same is what has happened in the section of the Gorgos River Road, where from 2007 you still have access cut.

The works are not for this executive, the modus operandi that follows is to communicate and the execution is not reached, it is publicized that the drafting of the project will be tendered, that the wording has been awarded, that the project will be approved , which is awarded the work ...

In Xàbia this procedure is not working, we find companies that opt ​​for tenders and submit their bids without accounting, without carefully studying the projects they are budgeting, they are definitely playing with the needs of a municipality. That's why the time has come to change the dynamics, we can't continue in this game.

The popular see that the municipal government is repeating the same mistake over and over again, and our proposal is that both the drafting of the project and the execution of the works are entrusted to the same company.

We would be surprised that with a single tender, the happy problem of “non-complying companies” would end, because the company that executes the works will know the smallest detail of the project, because it has written it; because he will not claim technical deficiencies to his project; because the works will be correctly budgeted; because there will be no reckless casualties; nor will companies appear to try their luck and fortune at our expense; and what would really excite us would be to have the works done.

The neighbors enter into a phase of neglect when the innumerable publications of a work begin, selling empty emotions, waiting to have the work finished and when we realize, it turns out that the drafting of the projects has not yet been tendered.

And although advertising and communication is the most important work of the mayor; the neighbors only ask for results and efficient management and experience has said that there are procedures that do not work, so the Popular urge to make changes that improve and guarantee the execution of public works.

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Comments on "Opinion PP Xàbia:« If something does not work, change it »"


  1. Bill:

    That the Triana bridge is not remodeled or made again is a shame and recklessness. Instead, the money goes to festivities and municipal parties in quantity, something does not work and should be reflected. The first thing is the safety and comfort of citizens, which is why we pay taxes. Enough time has passed for the bridge to be made, the necessary infrastructure for communication.

    • Miquel Strogoff:

      These works would have to be paid by the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar, which is the owner and has the competence ...
      Every thing your thing.


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