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Opinion Podemos: «another fudge and unfulfilled promises»

May 31 from 2022 - 11: 13

The tender for the transfer of green waste is another fudge. We will pay – if we are lucky and the contest is not void – €1.119.418 plus €600.000 so that green waste is removed for only 2 years. Why? Because – oh surprise! – Catarroges has been filled as well.

Gardeners can't use Ramblars or Catarroges and don't know what to do with yard trimmings.

Those responsible for the town hall say that now, in the short term, it cannot be crushed or transformed, and that a recovery plant would have to be built. Short term!

The PSOE has been governing alone for 7 years, Ramblars has been an embarrassment since prehistory, when there the workers burned the day's harvest every afternoon and when we, Podemos, have spent years demanding a biomass plant, a comprehensive and long-term solution, sustainable, that generates employment and energy and prevents fires.

Something that the PSOE itself seemed to know back in 2015, but apparently has been forgetting. I paste an electoral promise of the Municipal Framework Program of the PSOE of that year:

"329. We will support the creation of energy companies with the use of biomass due to its importance in the generation of employment and in the cleaning of the mountains and the undoubted repercussion in the policy of prevention of
forest fires."

In other words, the electoral promises are for BEFORE the elections, not to govern. Then, in 7 years we go from botched to botched, from fire to fire and we don't even have time to start the process... Will anyone believe what he says in his next electoral program?

We can Xàbia

  1. what a laugh says:

    They don't bark, it seems that they don't trust that game at all.
    They affirm that Podemos agrees with ETA members and nationalists, and they don't like that.
    That's how I see it too.
    You seem to support that, you are free, just like people who think otherwise.
    Or are you a fascist?

  2. How funny says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love front barking. Wow, wow, wow, wow…. So rednecks that they only know how to keep putting their asses up so that their beloved fascist right of bums, scoundrels and murderers will fuck them. Keep it up champions of PA-LE-TIS-MO. Wow, wow, wow, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Nelson says:

      Fuck you Podemita faker.

    • Betty says:

      They don't bark, it seems that they don't trust that game at all.
      They affirm that Podemos agrees with ETA members and nationalists, and they don't like that.
      That's how I see it too.
      You seem to support that, you are free, just like people who think otherwise.
      Or are you a fascist?

  3. Juan Lopez Vilaplana says:

    I have read some comments to this article that, far from focusing on the environmental problem and the continued breaches of the Psoe in our town, have gone on to criticize the initials of who makes the complaint; with stereotypes fed by the press and preconceived ideas. We (Podemos Jávea) want to improve the living conditions of our population. Who doesn't see it that way, doesn't know us.

    • Hyacinth Buendia says:

      If you want to improve Jávea, don't get involved in that miserable organization of communists that support the ETA members, find out where you're getting into.

  4. Stunned says:

    Very far from supporting inept policies, taglines and ministries… what is rightly exposed in this article is the reality of a botched administration and a real shame and enormous problem for our town. It was the local parties of the PSOE, PP, etc. that have allowed this to happen!
    But as long as a large part of the population is more busy insulting, annoying and discrediting those who expose the problems and those who demand improvements, for the mere fact of ideological disagreement or some other complex, nothing will change in this country or town. . We will continue to be Chapuzistan, the laughingstock of Europe, which is what the nefarious dictatorship of some criminals and the rancid mentality of not wanting to see and listen to the reasonable things said by others who think differently have led us to.

    • Samuel Quiro says:

      "But while a large part of the population is more busy insulting, annoying and discrediting those who expose the problems..."
      Those who expose the problems, this time, are the podemitas, the undesirables and rednecks who are screwing Spain.
      Let us complain, don't be as fascist as them, please.

  5. leo says:

    Those of Podemos have already proven to be a farce, do they intend to continue living the story in Jávea?

    I'm not going to vote for Coletas, fakers, communists and friends of ETA members and nationalists.

    We can, OUT OF JÁVEA!!!

    • Belen Quiro says:

      Well said
      There are many of us who think the same, they suffocate Democracy with their hick criterion of everything.
      They want to continue living off our money, like Pigtails and company, with my money it won't be.
      Let them go to Cuba, Venezuela or Russia, let them go now!

  6. IgnacioG says:

    What is a pity is that they fight and insult each other over political ideologies. That diverts attention from what is important and that is the situation to deal with and solve. What goes of pearls to all climbers and freeloaders involved in public office to continue doing nothing and continue charging. This situation was sung that it was going to happen, we all know it. So let's look for solutions instead of wasting time fighting like kids.

    • Even the eggs says:

      Well, it seems very good to me that people send the podemitas to fuck themselves, those who are loading the country with their various nonsense.
      I think it's very good to be told that it's okay to tease the staff, to look for a job and stop making people dizzy with their calves, shitty laws, Equality for drunks and Montero's bullshit...
      I find it phenomenal that people express their indignation, their disgust for this government of communists, ETA members and various separatists.
      It is not necessary to be so "cool" to be moderating Reality, just give us lessons on what to do and how, thank you, it is not necessary.
      Even the eggs of the communist parasites, even the eggs.

      • Pep says:

        Very good comment and style. If it is said in a more politically correct way, perhaps many do not understand it. Congratulations.

      • James says:

        Take a shower, pull up your underpants and find a job, lazy, you're a shame, hahahahahahahahaha. Your hands must smell "strong" of your own sweaty eggs Hahahahahahaha

  7. James Waltz says:

    How unfortunate that these podemitas, having left their Leader el Coletas, fucking Spain day by day, continue in the institutions sucking from the boat, what a fucking disgust.

  8. Opinion about WE CAN says:

    And I think that Podemos is GARBAGE.
    That it should disappear, as the rat from Coletas has already disappeared.
    That they have greatly disgraced Spain with their Chavista policy, their outdated communist interests and their desire for power
    That Irene Montero and company are screwing up Spain every day, hand in hand with the ETA members and the nationalists, together with Fraudillo Sánchez, all together they are doing the unspeakable to end our nation.
    I think that PODEMOS should disappear in order to turn the page, the most disgusting page in our history.

    • Chulvi go home says:

      These types of comments are not necessary.

      We all know by now that they are garbage.

    • frame says:

      The one who must disappear is the one who has made this comment, and all those of his ideology… what a disgusting thought and mentality… what damage they have done in history, and what damage they will continue to do…

      • Rosalia de Castro says:

        Sure, it's better that some unpresentables continue to suck from the pot, their little pay and fuck Spain.
        You don't spare, what's up!
        Come on, go with your pigtails to freak out over there kidding people, not me.

        • frame says:

          you are unpresentable with your comment…you are always the same…you criticize those who you don't like about your ideology, and then you come in to suck from the boat, but to destroy everything…as your beloved dictator did…come on, go to…p…c… you …the hair has already been taken from you with your ideology…crazy