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Compromís per Xàbia opinion: «The people of Xàbia have a very difficult time going down to the coves if they don't charge»

01 July 2022 - 13: 55

"The people of Xàbia find it very difficult to go down to the coves if there is no charge and a minimum number of places for residents is guaranteed free of charge."

For Compromís, the excuses that companies do not find personnel to control payment in parking lots in the coves are not valid: “If they do not find workers, they should consider paying more or improving conditions. In addition to the fact that today there are ways to have parking control through mobile applications. In the XNUMXst century, it is difficult to understand that Xàbia is not valued more and spends another summer without charging for parking in these already crowded environments, ”says its spokesman, Juan Cardona.

“For us, the charge for parking in the coves is not just another fee, but a way to encourage fewer people to go to these areas and avoid overcrowding. At the same time that it serves to guarantee places for residents and people of Xàbia who feel that they have been robbed of the power to go down to these sites" -adds Cardona- "tourists should know that they come here and contribute as we all do to conserve the environment , pay cleaning services, lifeguard and others. That is why we are totally in favor of introducing a tourist tax: we must go to less and to better”.

Along these lines, he also spoke Vicent Colomer, recalling that "only with the collection of waste from the coves, an important investment is already made in which everyone must participate: tourists and residents". At the same time, he insisted on "increasing the frequency of cleaning the beaches to prevent this type of waste from ending up in the sea."

  1. Javier says:

    The removal of the AP7 toll has been the death sentence for Javea, which faces a hitherto unknown threat: day visitors. These people show up en masse and devastate everything, ruining natural and landscape resources and leaving very little return for local wealth. It is absolutely necessary to strictly limit access by private vehicle to the coves. This, which is so obvious, seems to be that the city council is not worried in the least, come on, they have not even noticed. And in addition to the idiots who arrive at the cove with music at full volume, a memory for businessmen like Cala Clemence, who collaborate in an integral way with the destruction of the environment. Is it really necessary to have a thunderous chunda chunda at all hours in an enclave like Portitxol? Who is responsible for allowing this? So that?

    • Waiter says:

      Jávea is no longer cool

    • Luis says:

      I totally agree Javier and I would add a couple more variables, Mass tourism promoted by Low Cost airlines, and tourist rental platforms. That is the most destructive, not only for the environment, but also for society and for resources.

  2. how disgusting you are says:

    Those of Compromis take advantage of the OBVIOUS to justify their political salaries, but then they defend the cover-up of a rape.


    Also make a party, everyone dancing….


    • neighbor says:

      Disgusting, that's the word

    • Chania says:

      I was from Compromis until I found out about the covert rape.
      I have left the Party, and it disgusts me that they are still there.
      It's indecent.

    • Javier says:

      But what do you think, specifically, of the idea of ​​charging for parking in the coves, so that the human invasion that we suffer is slightly restricted? Apart from Serrat, Oltra and everything else?

      • Luis says:

        Necessary because in the end the over saturation and the lack of control will cause access to the coves to be blocked.

  3. Carlos says:

    Compromis is absurdly offensive to all of us who pay their undeserved salaries. GULF PANDAN.
    I was at the Serrat concert in Valencia when Oltra came in and was applauded and applauded. disgust, embarrassment, and I didn't leave out of respect for the many Serrat fans who hate politics and the WOKE life. Afterwards, I regretted not having left.

  4. Juan says:

    In Jávea it is tiring to live from June to September; a nightmare. To not be But you have to work... It's best to get out of here...

    • Christian says:

      It doesn't depend on which party and I don't know what – we have to maintain and take care of nature. I am a tourist and it has been 20 years since I spent my holidays in Javea. I see that every year everything is more dirty, less careful. I would like to pay for parking to improve the situation. Especially this year when you can't bathe in the Arenal for the Health Theme. I don't know how you can neglect everything that gives you life and work. I really don't understand

  5. Marlene says:

    It makes me very angry, and impotence to see, how JAVEA is, I walk a lot and see dirt everywhere, In addition, Lis pet owners who spend Olympics of dirt left by puppies. A campaign was made, WITHOUT EXCUSES, it worked at the beginning, but now they have forgotten it. I am not interested in what color of politician these issues are, what worries me is seeing the deterioration, that there is, and the people, whether they are tourists or their own neighbors, who go through everything, It's unfortunate,,,, we live in a paradise,, but we don't want it at all, otherwise we would take care of it more.

    • julian dors says:

      It was a paradise, not anymore.
      A crowded place, dirty and full of separatist heads, with a lot of hatred for everything that smells of Spain, but they melt with foreigners, pathetic.
      Yesterday I left Jávea, at the moment for the whole summer, now looking for a place to go definitively, everything was very unpleasant.
      Congratulations Chulvi, you're going to kick a lot of people out.

  6. Javier says:

    You have to charge, there is no other option. Indeed, we have to go to less and better. I don't care if Compromis, Vox or Betis propose it. And the residents of Javea can NOT enjoy the coves at any time of the year…. but hey, nothing happens, to fill everything with people and shit, which gives a lot of wealth.

  7. shameful says:

    These Compromis do not inspire me any kind of respect. They have hidden a rape for years, they have had parties to celebrate that everything happens and they are still there, getting paid.

    Compromise, NO THANKS.

  8. Vecino says:

    Those of Jávea do not go down to the coves in summer, we usually enjoy them before summer or after.