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Olivia Clemente, regina de la Foguera 2022: «it is a great honor to be queen of my quintà»

04 October 2021 - 07: 31

The Quintà of 2022 de les Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia celebrated its first act of festivities with joy. And, resuming festive activities after a great break is a time for celebration. The fifths and fifths of 2022 did so this past Saturday with the act of the election of queen, ladies and presidents.

Olivia Clemente was chosen by her quintà, 'The return' as Regina Major from La Foguera 2022. Nara Rodríguez, Regina from Quintà 2021, was the one who revealed her name. Olivia was very excited to learn that she had been voted, "I am very happy, it is a great honor to be queen of my quintà and that they have voted for me."

Olivia, who was already a child queen in 2013, has always been linked to the Fogueres de Sant Joan festivities, "I love the festivities of San Juan, since I was little I participated in each of the acts".

For both Olivia and her Quintà this next year of celebration "will never be forgotten. It is going to be a very special year due to COVID and we are going to live them as well as possible, all together and wonderfully".

The one who will be queen of Fogueres 2022 has indicated to Xàbia.com that three fifths "we get along very well and the three of us are going to have a great time together."

Now, the highest representative of the San Juan festivities focuses on her science studies since she would like to study mathematics to be a data analyst.

Olivia will be accompanied by her bridesmaids Júlia Pineda and Laura Calavia.

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