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New Education Law: What are the changes?

November 20 from 2020 - 12: 16

Yesterday, Thursday, the new educational law, the LOMLOE (Organic Law of Modification of the Organic Law of Education), also known as Celaá Law.

This is the eighth Education Law in Spain since Democracy. In Spain, a fixed law has not been created that changes according to the evolution of society, but changes with the arrival at central power of each of the political forces. This new Law has been approved with a fair majority, which suggests that it may undergo another change in the future.

But What are the main changes included in the text of the new Law?

According to the new bill, which must now be ratified by the Senate, it includes these main novelties:

  • Spanish is no longer a vehicular language: Spanish is no longer the vehicular language of education and is no longer the official language of the State. It will be the communities that guarantee the right to receive teachings in Spanish and in co-official languages.
  • Curriculum: The Ministry will set a maximum of 50% of the basic contents of the minimum education in the case of communities with their own language and 60% in the rest.
  • School segregation: The new law aims to end school segregation by economic income.
  • Concerted centers: The educational administrations will provide the centers with the necessary resources to make possible the gratuity of the free education, so they will not be able to receive fees or contributions from families.
  • Religion will not count as a grade
  • : The Religion subject will be offered in the centers to teach on a voluntary basis but it will no longer count as the student's average grade.

  • Course repetition: It is noted that in Primary students can only repeat a year at the end of each of the three stages (second, fourth and sixth) and will allow the teaching team to decide if the student who fails more than two subjects in ESO can pass from course "Exceptionally". It is also contemplated that the Baccalaureate degree may be awarded with a suspended subject.
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