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Theater Nights in Xàbia

Start date: February 11th 2023
Finish date: April 01th 2023
Event type: Theater
Site: House of Culture
Schedule: 20: 00 hours
Home: 5 euros

La Culture House de Xàbia will host, during the first semester of 2023, three plays aimed at an adult audience. The representations, which are part of the cycle Nits de Teatre, will be at 20:00 p.m. and tickets will be priced at 5 euros.

The work schedule is as follows:

  • 11 February: Professor Lazhar. The alcoyana theater company The Dependent presents 'Professor Lazhar', the Valencian version of an original work by the Quebecois author Évelyne de la Chenelière.

    Under the direction of Gemma Miralles and the interpretation of Vicent Pastor, this monologue aimed at young and adult audiences aims to transport the viewer from Algeria to a school in Canada, experiencing the various cultural shocks that are taking place and that the teacher Bashir Lazhar had to live through , a man of Algerian origin who works in a Quebec school as a substitute teacher. A tribute to the figure of the teacher, a great love story between childhood and learning.

  • March : Els Villalonga. The work will be interpreted by Alfred Picó, Lucía Poveda and Bruno Tamarit.
  • Abril 1: Lazarus
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