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Nasio Cardona wins the 'XVII Mitja Marató Serra d'Oltà'

13 December 2021 - 13: 51

This past Sunday the classic Serra d'Oltà de Calpe Mountain Half Marathon was held. This test, which has two routes, offers magnificent views and spectacular sections. Several athletes from the Llebeig Athletics Club did not want to miss the appointment.

Among the runners he highlighted, Ignacio Cardona, who managed to be the first to step onto the finish line. Cardona climbed to the top of the podium after completing the 21km course in 1 hour 45 minutes.

On the other hand, the athlete of the xabiero club, Sophie Mullins, also managed to climb to the second drawer of the podium as runner-up in the distance sprint trail of 14km.

Also note the good results of the rest of the athletes of the Llebeig de Xàbia Athletics Club who participated in this race despite not getting on the podium.

Great representation of Llebeig in different events

Also, this weekend, the Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia debuted as organizer of the federated Comxicotetion in the Track in Dénia. He did it with the Sub-16 control in the morning session and Absolute Control in the afternoon session. In this event, the xabieros athletes achieved their best personal records:

Joan Cruanyes: Length 4'96 MMP and 60m.l..8.10 MMP
Laura Crespo: Triple jump 7'97 and 60 fences 12.18 MMP
Ines Garcia: 60 hurdles 13.04 MMP 60m.l..10.68 MMP
Ainara Sapena: 60m.l 9.94 MMP and weight 5.77 MMP
Alba Sigcha: 300m.l 54.23 MMP
Celia Fornes: 1000m.l 3: 39.15 MMP
Carlos González: 1500m. L 4: 26.06 MMP
Ana González: 1500m.l 5: 55.43

In the Cross de Gata de Gorgos, a scoring event for the regional league, a good representation of the athletes of the School also gathered.

On the other hand, Marsha Van't Hull was representing CA Llebeig in the Malaga Marathon, finishing the test in 3:40:29.

And finally, in the Cursa del Raval de Gandia, more than a dozen athletes represented Xàbia obtaining very good results.

- Toni Soler 33:11
- Maria Isabel Ferrer 37:18
- Victor Caserta 48:30
- John the Baptist 48:54
- James Moll 50:46
- Francisco Navas 51:01
- Blai Ferrer 53:10
- Fernando Serrat 53:32
- Yunqiao Thompson 54:07
- Rosa Maria Ramos 57:00
- Madelane Powell 57:00
- Angeles Llidó 59:17
- Alexandra Collinson 1:01:18

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