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Moors and Christians in Jávea: Its history, lines, videos and photos

08 June 2020 - 11: 39

The festivities of Moors and Christians in Jávea are celebrated from 1978, in comparison with other festivals we could say that it is a young tradition but not with less history than others. The celebration of the Moors and Christians festivities in Jávea is celebrated in the month of July, normally the third weekend, and its patron saint is San Jaime.

Brief History

This party has a curious history both in its creation, in 1978, and in its evolution. In the words of one of its founders, José Cardona (El Rull), the beginning was for the reason of observing that in other places this celebration was taking place, "Paco Ferrer, Pepe Such, Juanjo Rodríguez and José Cardona, a server, we had the idea of ​​promoting the Fiesta de Moros in Jávea."

Then the first Filà Mora de Jávea was born, the Filà Jalufos. The first and only filà that paraded for the first time, in 1978, through the streets of Jávea. Three months after creating the Filà they decided to parade in the parade of the patron festivities of the port. The novelty of a Filà Mora in this act captivated all the spectators. A year later, at 1979, they decided to parade at the San Juan festivities, which caused great excitement among the public.

Already in 1980, the Festival Commission of the Frechinal neighborhood invited the Filà Jalufos to parade on their floats. As the Fogueres festeros did not let them parade in their festivities due to the slowness of their march and to subtract protagonism from the festeros, the Jalufos decided to transfer the parades to the patron festivities of Aduanas del Mar. That same year the Filà Cristiana Trabuquers. With two strands the Festival of Moors and Christians was traditionally fulfilled. In 1981 some festeros of Customs are against to parade in their cavalcades because a pagan party can take protagonism to a Christian. From there, the party begins to grow and each year there is creation of new filaes.

New rows

In 1982, the Filà Mora Almoradins and the mayor of the moment, Enrique Bas Espinós, advised them to look for another date to celebrate their party. He also proposed to subsidize them if they held the party in the month of July for the festival of San Jaime in order to promote the party in relation to tourism. In 1983 the parties are prepared and another Christian filà is founded Ballesters. In July of that year, there were two parades with black and two Christian lines, creating great excitement among tourists. The festivities of Moors and Christians are also legalized with statutes before the civil government of Alicante and presented as the Central Meeting of Moors and Christians of Jávea. The first president of the Management Board was José Such Martínez and the secretary, Jaime Martín Villalba Medina.

In the 1985 year a Filà Mora called Tuareg formed by some members of the Commission of Festivities of the Fogueres of the Frechinal sector but that same year it disappeared. The following year, 1986, Vicente Montaner leaves the Filà Almoradins to form the Filà Mora Negres that disappeared in the 1991 year. Following in the 1986 several filaes are founded: Filà Mora Baharis (which means sailors), the Filà Mora of women called Xabiquies that the following year, and that of a group of young people, almost all of them members of other filaes, the Filà Mora Almoriscos.

In the 1995 year there are also some changes in the filaes, José Vicente Castell leaves the Filà Ballesters to form the Filà Cristiana Els Castellers that would disappear in 1999. On the other hand, Vicente Teruel and José Cardona leave the Filà Jalufos to form along with other former members of the Filà, the Filà Al-Tarik's.

In 1998 they paraded for the first time a Christian Filà made up of fifths and fifths of the festivities of San Juan called Pirates of Sant Jaume i Sant Joan. In the year 2000 three filaes are created, the Christian Contrabandistes de Xàbia and Almogavers and the Filà Schaitans of the Moor side. In the 2003 year the festivities of Moors and Christians celebrated their 25 anniversary, it is worth mentioning that that year the captaincy belonged to the Filà Contrabandistes de Xàbia but they gave the honor to the Filà Jalufos for being the pioneers of this festival and to be the first filà that was created in Jávea. In this year, the founding fathers presented a great pageant of captaincy.

Incorporation of the standard bearers

The year 1997 also caused a change in the Moors and Christians festivals, the figures of the Moorish and Christian flag bearers joined, a position held that year by Ana Parrilla Carrasco (Moor) and Sara Junquera Rodríguez (Christian).

The creation of this figure, that of Abanderada, was incorporated as president of the Central Board, Emilio Bañuls, who wanted to contribute one more element to the festivities that acted as queen of the festivities. The Standard Bearer is the first figure to appear in l'entrà or Gala parade to announce the arrival of their troops and at parties they participate in all events acting as companions for the captains.

1997: Ana Parrilla (blackberry) and Sara Junquera (Christian)
1998: Vanesa Mata (blackberry) and Cristina Catalá (Christian)
1999: Montse Caballero (blackberry) and Mari García (Christian)
2000: Ana Garreta (blackberry) and Yolanda Ortiz (Christian)
2001: Mª Carmen Savall (blackberry) and Lourdes Tachó (Christian)
2002: Diana Ortega (blackberry) and Mª Ángeles Mata (Christian)
2003: Mercedes Olmos (blackberry) and Mª José Sart (Christian)
2004: María Ángeles Bataller (blackberry) and Paula Mínguez (Christian)
2005: Patricia Peiró (blackberry) and Maribel Sivera (Christian)
2006: Idoia Bengoa (blackberry) and Marí Soria (Christian)
2007: Miriam Monfort (blackberry) and María Cardona (Christian)
2008: Josefa Catalá (blackberry) and Gema Catalá (Christian)
2009: Mónica Leal (blackberry) and Sandra Juan (Christian)
2010: Ester Mayor (blackberry) and Victoria Devesa (Christian)
2011: Mar Asenjo (blackberry) and Elisa Buigues (Christian)
2012: Lucía Andrés and María Serrat (Christian)
2013: Andrea Rodríguez (blackberry) and Natalia García (Christian)
2014: Pilar Sig (blackberry) and Ana Segarra (Christian)
2015: Noelia Vives (blackberry) and Beatriz Díaz (Christian)
2016: Mar García (blackberry) and Carmen Torres (Christian)
2017: Raquel Violero (blackberry) and Loreto García (Christian)
2018: Paula Andrés (blackberry) and María Buigues (Christian)
2019: Lorena Ros (blackberry) and Laura Torres (Christian)
2020: Lucía Llidó (blackberry) and Carla Llidó (Christian) -due to COVID-19 the parties are postponed and they will hold office in 2021.

Party Presidents

From the founding period to the present year, many have been the people who have held the position of President of the Moors and Christians Festival in Xàbia.

From 1978 to 1980, the first filà, the Filà Jalufos, founder of the fiestas, was governed without a president; As of this year, the position was already incorporated by agreement of the existing ranks.

1981-1983 José Cardona Bisquert
1983 José Such Martínez (Management Board, legalization of the Central Board)
1984-1986 José Cardona Bisquert
1987-1988 José F. González Ferrer
1989 José Cardona Bisquert
1990 José Romaní Mestre
1991 Vicente Montaner Sala
1992-1993 Florencio Mata Crespo
1994-1995 Joaquin Moll Bas
1996-1997 Emilio Bañuls Raboso
1998-1999 Antonio Hernández Herrero
2000-2001 Vicente Montaner Mata
2002-2003 Jaime Ortuño Devesa
2004-2005 Juan Benlloch Torres
2006-2008 Jorge Ibeid Sider
2009 Florencio Mata Serrat
2010-2011 Francisco J. Moya García
2012 Juan Luis Buigues Catalá
2013-2016 Juan Vicente Álvarez Catalá
2017-2018 Fernando Piles Almela
2019-2020 Rubén Femenia Mulet

New acts

Mig Any of Parties

In February 1996 the first parties of the "Mig Any", a party that is celebrated with a gala dinner to remember the events that took place and new projects for July, as well as award prizes and distinctions.

Offering for the historic center

In 2003 a new act begins making the Moors and Christians festival visible in another urban center of the town, specifically, in the historic center. The components of each filà, as well as the charges, move to this point of Xàbia to carry out a parade through the streets of the town and ending the tour in Calle San Jaime, patron saint of festivals and visiting the niche of the saint whom They offer a bouquet of flowers.

Filaes that make up the Moors and Christians Festivities

Currently, in 2019, the lines that make up the Moor and Christian bands are 12, a number that has grown significantly in recent years since the 1997 year the woman joined a party in which until now had no representation.

blackberries filaes

Filà baharis

Christian filaes

Xàbia Contrabandistes
Pirates of Sant Jaume

Appointment of captaincies, captains and flaggers

Every year there are two flag bearers, one blackberry and the other Christian, which are rotating and follow one another from filà to filà. The choice of standard bearer is private, with the girl herself choosing the girl.

In addition, there is a filà capitana to which an alternate rotary order is assigned between Moorish and Christian sides.

The captains are the protagonists of the party, always accompanied by their flag-bearers, and they are those who shine at the top of the floats in the parade.

In the more than 30 years of history of these consolidated festivals, many have been the ones who have held, alone or accompanied by a woman, the position of captain or captain, at the most representatives of the Filà who has had the captaincy, and So, present a fabulous pageantry at the gala parade on the last day of the festivities.

The captains, until today, and that are part of the history of the festivals are:

1991: Francisco Carmelo Cholbi Serrat and Rosa María Segarra (Filà Almoradins)
1992: Florencio Mata (Filà Ballesters)
1993: Patrick Gali (Filà Almoriscos)
1994: Eduardo Climent (Filà Baharis)
1995: Rafael Olmios Alvarez and Ana María Álvarez Ángel (Filà Jalufos)
1996: Filà Trabuquers
1997: Gabriel Asenjo Mateo and Paqui Cardona Ferrer (Filà Almoradins)
1998: Matías Soria Moreno and María Rosa Tent Bequio (Filà Ballesters)
1999: José Oliver Murgui and María Ángeles Roca Domenech (Filà Almoriscos)
2000: Esteban Iglesias Herrera and Kiersten Niedernolte (Filà Baharis)
2001: Juan Ferrús and Doña Encarna Pérez (Filà Al-Tarik's)
2002: Manuel Espasa Vives (Filà Pirates de Sant Jaume)
2003: Rafael Olmos Álvarez and Ana Álvarez Ángel (Filà Jalufos)
2004: Ana Silva Bolufer (Filà Schaitans)
2005: Manuel Molla Cardona and Adelina Gavilá Ortolá (Filà Trabuquers)
2006: Julián Meneses Sapena and Esther García Fernández (Filà Contrabandistes de Xàbia)
2007: Joaquín Fornes Serrat and Paqui Catalá Femenia (Filà Almoradins)
2008: Pedro Cholbi Segarra and María luz Espasa Segarra (Filà Ballesters)
2009: Antonio Álvarez Sola (Filà Schaitans)
2010: Joaquín Garreta Ribes and María Francisca Mata Buigues (Filà Baharis)
2011: Ramón Ferrer Santacreu and María Cholbi Segarra (Filà Al-Tarik's)
2012: Cristina Ramos Asenjo (Filà Pirates de Sant Jaume)
2013: Pedro Buigues Morató and Jana Cortés Cardona (Filà Almoriscos)
2014: César Rodríguez (Filà Contrabandistes de Xàbia)
2015: Mónica Leal Gómez (Filà Xibia)
2016: María Fernández Llobell and José Manuel García Barragan (Filà Faciners)
2017: Jesús de la Rocha Suanzes (Filà Jalufos)
2018: Fernando Piles Almela and Virginia Castellano Ruano (Filà Trabuquers)
2019: Emilio Bañuls Raboso (Filà Almoradins)

In celebration of Mig Any, which takes place in the month of February, the captains and standard bearers chosen by each filà holding the office are officially presented.

Sant Jaume Awards

The Central Board of the Moors and Christians Festival in Xàbia establishes to give the Sant Jaume Awards, which are awarded each year to three people, of which two must be active persons and one person in consideration of the deceased.

These awards are always given in consideration of their foundational personality, dedication and merit towards this party. The candidates for each exercise are presented in general meeting, by the ranks and squads and are chosen by vote.

The Awards given are:

2014: José Romaní Mestre, Rens van Adrighem, Florencio Mata Crespo.
2015: José Cardona Bisquert, Vicente Montaner Sala.
2016: Paco Santana Ramos (+), Chimo Moll Bas, Fernando Piles Almela.
2017: Francisco Parrilla Alex (+), Nani Parrilla Carrasco, Vicente Miralles Serrat.
2018: Pepe Such Martínez (+), Emilio Bañuls Raboso, Jaime Martín-Villalba Medina.
2019: José Gonzalez Ferrer, Vicente Montaner Mata, Juan Benlloch Torres.

The landing

One of the most outstanding acts and that influx of public congregates, in addition to the parades, is the representation of the invasion of the 'Moors' to the coast. The landing surprise all the attendees with the arrival of several boats by sea while from the Grava beach it is shot with arquebuse, on the part of the Christian side, simulating the defense of the territory. Then the battle between both sides is made in which the surrender of the castle is made.


To know the complete program of these parties based on the historical recreation of the arrival of the Moors to our territory you can consult at this link the events and schedules that 2019 will perform this year with the celebration of its 41 anniversary.

These festivals also have their religious part as well as their colorfulness in all the urban centers of Xàbia. On one side, les filaes they offer flowers to their patron, the mass in honor of San Jaime and in memory of their deceased festeros and parade, not only for the sailor district where the majority of events are concentrated but also for the Paseo de la Arenal Beach and through the streets of the historic center.

The complete program with its schedules and dates you can consult it here.

Image gallery

Moments of each of the acts that make up the week of celebrations of Moros and Cristians de Xàbia.

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