Thousands of people enjoyed the cavalcade of the Magi in Xàbia

As the program marked, at 17 hours on Saturday afternoon, Their Majesties The Magi from the East arrived at the port of Xàbia where they disembarked to welcome all the families, who, with hope, awaited their arrival.

The joy of the children when they saw them immediately infected Los Reyes after a long trip with their pages. The Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, the councilman Festival, Toni Miragall, and the parish priest of the Church of Loreto, Fernando Maño received Their Majesties.

Uploaded on their floats, accompanied by their entourages and hundreds of people, they began the magical ride through the streets of Duanes de la Mar. At the end of the route, on Jaime I Avenue, on the stage, next to the Bethlehem portal, they received a all the xabieros and visitors and dedicated a few words to each of the families.

Boys and girls greeted the Kings and told them their wishes. Later, the cavalcade continued to the historic center, stopping at the Asilo Hermanos Cholbi.

The realization and organization of this cavalcade has been carried out by the Fogueres de Sant Joan Festival Commission in which the fifths have been part of the cavalcade, the Festival Commission of the Virgin of Loreto also participated and the Javea Town Hall together with Local Police and Civil Protection.

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Comments on "Thousands of people enjoyed the ride of the Magi in Xàbia"


  1. Erika:

    Well I do not know how it would be, because at the bus stop of the Canal de la Fontana we were about fifteen people waiting for the 16,30 bus, which did not appear. At five o'clock in the afternoon, tired of waiting, I returned to my house and I was left without seeing the cavalcade. Another success of the City Council team: leaving the residents of Arenal completely isolated, without public transport and without prior notice! Is it that you can not organize an alternative bus route when there are these events? Yes, please, notifying a couple of days in advance and putting those notices on ALL bus stops, since on several occasions, the notices were carried by the bus itself at the door ... with which nobody was aware. Mr. Chulvi, the bus is a PUBLIC SESSION, which must work correctly (not like now, which is a real shame) ALTHOUGH IT IS BAD: Stop spending OUR money on unnecessary things and apply it in what we ask the neighbors of Jávea, Caramba!

    • Erika:

      In this case, with respect to my comment of the 6 day, I answer myself. They say that rectifying is wise, so I have to say that the lack of the 16,30 bus was due, I have been told, that they had given a blow to the bus scheduled to go to the 16,00 h. while it is parked, so, since there was no replacement bus in Jávea and one had to come from Vergel, it could not fulfill that service. But I do say: given what happened, should not there be a bus in Jávea to attend to these cases? I think the company is solvent enough to have at least one minibus here. I know what they will tell me, if they say anything: it is deficit. Well, that many of us are left without seeing the Cavalcade, what are you going to do!



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