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Mig Any of Moors and Christians of Xàbia

January 07 from 2022 - 11: 35

The Mig Any de Moros i Cristians de Xàbia festival is a special and significant event for all those who make up these festivals since it represents the beginning of a new edition and the closing of the previous one. Undoubtedly, this date serves as an excuse to meet people again, remember past parties and of course, start organizing those to come.

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When is celebrated

The Mig Any (Half Year) means that they are in the middle of the holidays; six months have passed from the last ones and there are six months left for the next ones. The exact date of celebration of this day in Xàbia would be the third week of the new year, although it is usually celebrated on the first weekend of February.

Origin of the Mig Any party

Since its inception, this party was always celebrated internally; but in 1996 is when it began to open up more externally, involving people on the street. For this, in that year, an exhibition of costumes was organized in the Café d'Art (an old cafe with an exhibition hall) and a small entraeta (parade of filaes).

From that year on, the Mig Any party started to get big. The lunch and the food of all the filaes together on Avenida Jaime I or Calle Triana, depending on the year, was an appointment that arose and is still present today, although with some modifications. Along with this act, enter them It is also one of the events that fill the streets of Duanes de la Mar with color and atmosphere in the first days of February.

In 1997, the presentation of festive positions (captains and flag bearers) was incorporated into this celebration, making known at a joint dinner the people who will represent the festivities in the next year.

Over the years and given the economic situation, in 2013, this act changes and is held at noon since the food is eliminated from the traditional pot, and it is from there that this appointment is established as a meal.

Mig Any Programming

The Mig Any events start on Friday night with a informal entraeta that runs through some streets of the fishing district of Duanes de la Mar. Later, the filaes take advantage of the appointment to dine at their homes.

On Saturday the party program continues with the popular lunch, and at noon, around 12:00 hours, a entraeta to the sound of the Moorish and Christian marches.

At the end, the festeros go to celebrate the Gala meal in which they officially announce the positions of the parties. The Flaggers and Captains perform the traditional change of powers.

Previous editions

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in 2021, the Board of Festes de Moros i Cristians de Xàbia decided to suspend the celebration of the acts of the Mig Any Fester. With this decision, the traditional meeting of coexistence and reunion was annulled, being for the moment, the only year in which it has not been celebrated since the beginning of these festivities.

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