Municipal market Jávea | Municipal Mercat de Xàbia
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Municipal market Jávea | Municipal Mercat de Xàbia

February 18 from 2022 - 12: 52
Plaza Celestino Pons, s / n See map
Image: Municipal Market of Jávea-logo
Image: Logo Generalitat - Municipal Market of Jávea

Opening hours

The Mercat de Xàbia is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 14: 00 17 hours and at 20: 00 hours, and on Saturdays from 8 15 am to hours.

Marketers Association of Municipal Mercat

Marketers Javea Municipal Market have created an association to publicize both the olfactory, sensory and pleasant offering that provides the Mercat, as commercial actions to develop a singular and unique space.

Mercat Municipal bars

Dining options market supplies of Xàbia consists of:

  • Bar La Paraeta
  • Mercat bar
  • The Coquetry of the Mercat

Food stores

  • AMMA-Posit de Xàbia
  • Bartolomé Xarcuteria Selecta
  • butchery Castelló
  • fruit Maribel
  • Carnicería Mut
  • bakery Mulet
  • Segui sausages
  • Congelats Juan
  • Xavi in ​​Salt
  • Caravan Zara
  • Cafeteria-Bakery
  • Barquet fish shop
  • Position 7


Plaza Celestino Pons, s / n -
  1. Virginia says:

    What a shame on Saturday August 29 to see as soon as we enter the market tables full of people WITHOUT MASKS, one next to the other.
    We couldn't get in. You'll pay for it, now.

  2. MariaA Albelda says:

    Bonisimeeeesss a veura si tinc sort !!!

  3. Petra cabrera soto says:

    Che.Que bo.Viva javea market.