Half a thousand participants will compete in TriXàbia this Sunday

The councilor for sports, Alberto Tur, and the head of Trixàbia, Raúl Bover, have presented the III memorial Eduardo Monfort which will be played this Sunday in Xàbia. Tur has recognized the effort of the Llebeig athletics club, which began with perspectives and has evolved. It has a participation of more than 600 athletes, 25% are foreigners, and there is a waiting list of 150. A success of collaboration, work and effort. The Trixàbia is not only a sporting event, it is also a tourist focus that moves some 3.000 people and they hope they enjoy the test and the city.

The director of Trixàbia, Raúl Bover, said that they could do a test with more than 1.000 participants, but with the number they have is more than enough for a sustainable test in which the safety prime. This year they have evolved with respect to the previous year, with five new main sponsors, Matties, Miralbó, Marina Nou Fontana, Restaurant La Fontana-Posidonia and Bike To Us, who have bet heavily and have allowed them to provide more services to the participants.

The main novelty will be the live broadcast through the web and will have a giant screen installed on the promenade David Ferrer. In addition, apart from the local police, civil guard, civil protection and red cross, they have 150 volunteers, 4.000 liters of water, 300 kilos of fruit, 50 kilos of nuts and 300 liters of beer and soft drinks.

The maritime forecasts for the swimming sector are good and they hope it doesn't rain to have a safer race. The intention is to make a very popular triathlon and they know that many participants are spending the week in Xàbia.

Yesterday, from the services department, the levees began to be dismantled and they expect the Arenal Beach in conditions for the swimming test. In the circuit, first Montañar, Arenal and Plá road, vehicles must be out at 20 hours on Saturday and the total closure of the circuit will be from 8 in the morning to 13 hours on Sunday.

Two modalities will be played: Olympic, 1.500 mts in swimming, 40 km by bicycle and 10 km on foot, being the exit to the 8.30 for men and 8.40 for women; and the Sprint mode, in which there will be 750 mts swimming, 20 km by bicycle and 5 on foot, with exit to the 10.30. Another novelty will be that the foot race will pass through the facilities of Marina Nou Fontana and the total budget of the test amounts to 40.000 euros.

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