The residents of Xàbia show their concern for the sewage network in the PP participatory talk

The Popular Party of Xàbia yesterday gave voice to the local residents to express their complaints, needs and concerns for their people, for Xàbia.

With the assistance of around 200 people in the Multipurpose Room of Portal del Clot, the mayoral candidate for the PP, Rosa Cardona, accompanied by the candidate number 1 to the Cortes Valencianas, Pepe Císcar, and the general secretary of the local party, Óscar Antón, your great challenge in these elections, «I feel ready for the job. A year ago, when I was proposed by the party to head the list, I have been analyzing Xàbia in depth, and it is visible that it has many shortcomings. "

Cardona mentioned that Xàbia is a town without businesses, without an industrial estate, "Here, 80% lives off tourism, so we have to have an impeccable town and not as it is. Many urbanizations lack public lighting, we have poor sports facilities, a First Mountain only for vehicles and the sewer does not reach all.

Neighborhood view

These words of Rosa were affirmed by the assistants to the talk, who showed their restlessness before the newly proposed sewage network. The neighbors showed their discomfort «For the passivity of the government team and the delay in the licenses»said an assistant.

Another of the neighbors said that in the area where he lives, it has been the community of owners who has taken charge of connecting to the network, «To cover the costs, because the situation of lack of sewerage in many of the areas of Xàbia with dozens of occupied houses is intolerable». Also, another participant who contributed his opinion criticized the solution given by the government team, "They inform us that the town hall will start the connection, for which they will spend several years and indicate that while there will be a deposit, but they have not counted the problems that it will cause."

PP electoral program

The first objective of the PP participatory talk that took place last night «It was to know closely the proposals for a better Xàbia. What needs do their citizens see?, highlighted the popular candidate, Rosa Cardona, who added that the electoral program is half prepared, «But within the lines we have marked, I need to know and know the concerns of people to prioritize some aspects or others», for this, not only the intervention of the assistants gave ideas, but through some ballots, the neighbors left their proposals annotated.

Youth, cleanliness, sports facilities, a company store, and the Ramblars polygon «Are urgent actions to grow Xàbia», Cardona said, adding that the creation of sheltered housing for people with functional diversity is another issue that Xàbia has to fight for, "In short, work so that we can all enjoy all the services in our town and not move to neighboring municipalities whether to study, play sports or live."

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