The neighbors of Benitatxell propose to incorporate leisure areas in the urban space

The Urban Landscape Improvement Master Plan of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell is taking shape through meetings and workshops with neighbors to design the municipality. In addition, the City Council has launched a questionnaire on urban improvements, in which you can participate through this link:

Likewise, some concrete proposals have already emerged, such as perimeter parking areas that are very badly used. Neighbors agree that they can have more uses than leaving the car there. These spaces are in privileged places and can share the use of parking with the viewpoints and parks. It is urgent to introduce trees and shade areas. One of these car parks, the one next to the avenue of València and before the building that will house the new municipal buildings could become a lookout plaza and the parking lot would be buried.

Another proposal that takes shape is that of temporarily occupying unused land to create parks, parking areas or points for neighborhood and social events. It has also been proposed to carry out artistic interventions and vertical gardens on the mediated walls of estates and houses. The placement of awnings in the streets to encourage the social use of urban space in summer is another idea highly valued by the neighbors. In addition, instead of placing swings in isolated playgrounds, it is valued to incorporate them into the urban space. On sloping streets, slides could be installed that adapt to these urban profiles.

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