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Marine procession in Xàbia

12 July 2019 - 15: 59
  1. Begoña Alvarez-Ossorio says:

    The logical and expected is to celebrate the religious celebrations in his day. And not to turn it into something changing as the weekend falls.Evitaria that people will not find out in time of the changes.
    And on the other hand it would still be the procession of the sailors and not a tourist attraction.

    • Erika says:

      You are absolutely right, celebrate the 12 day and without previous notice (at least I did not know and I am sorry) the feast day of the Virgen del Carmen, which is the 16 day, seems absurd. Religious holidays must be celebrated on the day that corresponds to them, not four days before!

  2. Erika says:

    Fernando, you were lucky to find out on time. Why are not you notified, a couple of days in advance, of these events? A pity, I, at least, did not know and I would have liked to go.

  3. Fernando says:

    Magnificent PROCESSION AND OFFERING to the Virgin. Everything what our parish priest D.Fernando organizes and directs comes out superbien.GRACIAS

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