Benitatxell schoolchildren ask for “streets with names of women”

The schoolchildren of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell have it clear: women are missing in their street. The municipality does not have any street with a woman's name - as is the case with the school and the church, which are named after the patron saint, Santa María Magdalena -, and that has to change. This Friday morning, students of 1º of Primary have visited the City Council to deliver a letter that includes this important request.

They have been received by the councilor and second deputy mayor, Mayte Roldán, who was unaware of the intention of this surprising demand. The mayor has shown them the facilities of the town hall, including the mayor's office and the plenary hall, where he explained that "This is where important decisions are made".

There, schoolchildren have delivered the letter and, with the help of their teachers, have explained the reason for their request. As they have explained, after conducting a small investigation on the presence of women in the streets, they compiled some of neighboring towns. They detected that many of them alluded to religious figures (saints or virgins). However, they realized that El Poble Nou did not have any street with a female name.

Given this situation, they decided to write a letter addressed to the mayor, Miguel Ángel García, and to the Councilor for Equality, Víctor Bisquert, requesting that they help them find a name that can fit in one of the roads of the municipality. And it was this morning when they officially submitted it by the check-in of the
Town hall. They also took a small gift from their visit and immortalized the moment.

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