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The children's charges of Fogueres represent Xàbia in an act of Fallas de Valencia

February 21 from 2022 - 13: 11

The children's queen of the Foguera 2019 of Xàbia, Júlia Badenes Català and the first lady of honor, Arantxa Sart, participated on Saturday afternoon in an act of the Falla José Benlliure - Teatro de la Marina de Valencia. The representatives of the Les Fogueres de Sant Joan Xàbia 2019 festivities attended the award ceremony for badges and rewards that took place at the Hotel Las Arenas.

Júlia Badenes, Arantxa Sart and Ariadna Serrat (Children's Regina 2020-2022) accompanied the Fallera Mayor Infantil de la Falla José Benlliure - Teatro de la Marina, Lucía Sobrino Ballester in this act and the subsequent celebration of a children's snack.

The invitation of the charges of Les Fogueres de Xàbia is due to the fact that the maternal family of the Fallera Mayor Infantil of said Falla is from Xàbia.

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