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The candidates for mayor of Xàbia go to the polls and exercise their right to vote

May 28 from 2023 - 13: 13

Despite the rain, the candidates for mayor of Xàbia and the Valencian Parliament have begun to exercise their right to vote early this morning. The earliest riser was Alejandro, number 7 on the list of candidates for Podem Xàbia and candidate for the regional elections for Alicante.

Alejandro has arrived at the school installed in the CEIP Port of Xàbia accompanied by the candidate for mayor of Xàbia by Podem, Juan López, a few minutes after 09:00. Aguilar has highlighted the importance of exercising the right to vote, "because the future is constituted in the present, and citizens must choose."

At 10:00 a.m., the moment was for Compromís. Carme Català, accompanied by her family and her electoral team, has voted in the House of Culture. Català has indicated that "today is a special day to go to vote because there is a lot at stake. You have to go out and exercise the right for citizenship so that there is a change and that we hope it will be better".

The following candidates to vote have been Rosa Cardona y Jose Marcos Pons, both had marked the school installed in the Casal Foguerer.

Cardona, candidate of the Popular Party (PP), did so at 10:30 am and encouraged citizens to go out and vote despite the rain and to decide what they want for their people. "The neighbors have it in their hands if they want everything to remain the same in the next four years or if there is a change. What the neighbors decide is for the better."

Minutes later, the VOX Jávea candidate did it. José Marcos stressed the importance of carrying out this democratic exercise and encourages residents to go to the polls and participate.

At 11:00 a.m., he exercised his right to vote, in the new polling station set up in the Multipurpose Hall of the Portal del Clot, Mavi Pérez, candidate for Citizens for Jávea, accompanied by her relatives, husband and children. Pérez encouraged the population to come to the schools for a moment to cast their vote despite the bad weather and the events that were taking place today in Xàbia.

The last candidate to go to the polls has been José Chulvi, number 1 on the PSOE list. Chulvi did it at the CEIP Mediterránea with his wife. The socialist candidate stated that today "is an important day for the future of the people and the Valencian Community. It is a day to exercise a right, that of voting, that took so much effort to achieve and that is the one that will determine the future of the next four years. I encourage people to participate as much as possible."

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