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The underground car parks of Xàbia will have the demanded ATMs

21 June 2022 - 17: 48

Xàbia will modernize in the coming months the access control and management system of the underground car parks in the Plaza de la Constitución and the Portal del Clot.

In the next plenary session, the City Council will award this service for the next five years for 862.947,88 euros to the company proposed by the contracting table: Parking Surface Cádiz SL This new contract will mean a more modern and efficient management of the facilities, as well as a progressive digitalization in the service.

Initially, the car parks will be managed with the existing machinery and elements, but within a maximum period of 2 months, a telemanagement system must be implemented, which will be combined with basic face-to-face service in both car parks.


One of the main novelties is that ATMs with card payment terminals will be installed, one of the main demands of users. This contract also includes the daily maintenance and cleaning of the car parks, their dependencies, entrances and toilets.

The municipal car parks add up to a bag of 881 spaces between Plaza Constitución and Portal del Clot.

  1. Arenal says:

    Those of progress are finally progressing after 10 years..

  2. Neighbor says:

    "This contract also includes the maintenance and cleaning of the car parks, their dependencies, accesses and toilets on a daily basis."


    • We love you chungui says:

      Chulvi goes every morning to make sure everything is clean, that the cards work and that it smells like a flower. She will take a photo of herself every day in a jacket and pouting, and she will post it on her Instagram.