Lorena Ros and Laura Torres, Flaggers of the festivities of Moros i Cristians of 2019 in Xàbia

In the absence of a few weeks for the celebration of the Mig Any of the festivities of Moros i Cristians de Xàbia, the parties already have the representatives of both sides for this 2019. Lorena Ros Martínez and Laura Torres Salvador will be the Mora and Cristiana Abanderadas this year.

Lorena, belonging to the filà Almoradins, will represent the side of the half moon. Besides, his row, shows the Captaincy of the present exercise. Laura, from the filà Ballesters, will represent the side of the cross. its
proclamation and walking as top positions of the party will take place on Saturday 2 February during the acts of the traditional Mig Any.

The two young women have been holding the party in their blood for a long time. Lorena is about to complete 19 years and is a student of Psychology. In the future she would like to specialize in the forensic branch, and according to her account, since she was five years old, she has been linked to the filà Almoradins: "I became part of the filà when I was a child and for years I participated in both the children's squad and the youth squad. Then, with time and when I stopped taking out a squad of Almoradins women in the Gala Parade, I stopped parading; but my connection with the filà has never been lost. Since then I have lived in the kábila and helped when I was needed, even putting on a djellaba to lend a hand during the parades. Now, since last year and with a view to the Captaincy, women again have our squad in the filà ".

Laura has 31 years and works as a road engineer. For more than ten years it belongs
to the party and its link with the filà Ballesters it comes from family. Remember that, in it, he has done
of everything: "From carrying the banner in the parades, to parading in the squad of women and even leaving in the men's squad because it was lacking in components". Currently, she is also part of the Board of Festes in representation of her filà and knows very closely everything that involves being Abanderada since her sister Carmen was a Christian flag-bearer at 2016.

Laura confesses that she really wanted to be an Abanderada and that this year she arrived because she has known for a long time that in 2019 she would have the opportunity to represent the Christian side. On the other hand, for Lorena, it has been quite a surprise because she never expected to become a flag-bearer and she was very surprised when they told her that they had thought of her to be in charge.

The two new Flaggers recognize that it is an honor to represent the festival of Moros i Cristians "Because it also means representing many neighbors (of different ages and nationalities) and the culture, tradition, festivity and history of Xàbia".

Their likes

For them, the position of Abanderada is a symbol of the powerful woman since, unlike other populations, she is not linked to the figure of a Captain; but it has autonomy on its own. "It is a woman who leads an army of warriors and warriors and the one that acts as a link between both sides."

About the parties they will represent, the Moors and Christians, Lorena is clear that is what she likes most: the Landing. "Win the Moorish side and conquer the castle". On the other hand, Laura is looking forward to a simple act that, for her, is very emotional: the Flower Offering on carrer Sant Jaume. "In that street my grandmother lives, I have grown up there and I really want to live it and take the same photo that I take every year with her; but this time as Abanderada ".

Both are proud to be able to champion the party at a time when it has managed to reinvent itself and grow in impact in recent years as a result of the effort and work of its Board of Festes and its filaes. "We belong to a party that has all the ingredients to differentiate and stand out on its own. But, for this, we must all do our part to be a success in every way ", indicate Laura and Lorena.

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