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A new music festival arrives in Xàbia: Mar de Jávea

November 07 from 2023 - 07: 54

The music of great Spanish artists will sound again on the banks of the Jávea Sea Festival. On this occasion, the appointment will be with the indie pop music. A different and non-existent festival in the region. The concerts will be held at the La Fontana Campus on March 29 and 30, 2024, that is, in the middle of Holy Week.

Mar de Jávea will be a different festival, with the best pop-indie music groups, which currently fill large venues. There will be two days in which about 10 and craftspeople renowned and among those who are already confirmed: Taburete and Marlon. In just a few days, the festival organization will reveal the name of the third group that will come to Xàbia to make the public vibrate.

La ticket sales It is already open through the Festival website with a special price of 49 euros. Price that will increase depending on the artists that make up the poster for this first edition are known.

Mar de Jávea will have a food truck area, a purple point and will maintain the line of sustainability that is being carried out at different festivals.

The organization encourages citizens to attend this first festival and enjoy music in one of the best environments and on the best dates.

  1. Rafa Sendra says:

    I am very happy, the venue is perfect for this type of event. Yesterday I passed by and there was only one house with the blinds up, the rest looked like a ghost town.

    • Antonio says:

      Don't pay too much attention to me but I think that Jávea lives off tourism in that area and what is going to happen is that many people will stop going during Easter to please the festival goers on duty. Come on, there are no dates to do it and not during Easter. Don't wait for me there. Have a good time and think that your fun is the nightmare of many.

  2. Mar says:

    They could now bring in local groups as well, even if it were at earlier hours.

  3. Eric says:

    You have to enjoy the music, but rather multi-day festivals that produce so much noise that even Castilian residents are deprived of their night's rest. If the bass rumble is already intolerable for us, what an unbearable nuisance it must be for the residents who live nearby.
    It is time to rebel against these social changes. Jávea was once a town friendly to peace and tranquility for people who wanted to enjoy its beautiful nature.
    It is now becoming an anarchic and unpleasant environment where a few ruin it for many others.

  4. María says:

    Well, I do not agree with the organization of another music festival at the Fontana site. It is a place surrounded by homes, for the majority of people who go to Jávea to rest, this festival will mean being, at least, the two days it lasts without being able to sleep.
    By the way, when is the roundabout and paving of that area expected to be completed? . The road parallel to the canal cannot have more potholes and the sidewalks are impassable with the roots of the trees lifting the tiles.

  5. barts people says:

    At Easter? Has the City Council set out to break the Guinness record for Overcrowding?

  6. Carlos says:

    I would like to point out that older people who live in the area already have enough of the Montgo rock festival that drives us out of our house one weekend a year due to the noise and commotion of the concert. You can't sleep. Another festival and in the middle of Holy Week?? No Please!! Couldn't it be done somewhere else that wouldn't bother people? It will be because there are no outdoor spaces in Jávea other than next to the Canal!!

  7. Smart Town says:

    It seems that Anónimo and Pakito Feliu know things that the rest of us don't know... It's disturbing

    • Don't laugh and go ahead says:

      By putting the blue door on the billboard, the city council has placed the lighthouse, the happy door and the bay on the same level. Why don't we change the coat of arms of Javea for the door?

  8. Pakito Feliu says:

    The desire to attend a high-profile festival in the town of Jávea was enormous, and the time has finally arrived! It was time for our town to have a real festival, and the anticipation is palpable. The excitement of enjoying music in a local setting, surrounded by friends and neighbors, is incomparable. Jávea deserved this, and I can't wait to live the musical experience.
    I live in Sabadell and I'm not going to miss it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Mar de Jávea Music Festival is like a breath of fresh air that this town needs. I'm excited for the event date and am looking forward to finding out what other artists will be joining the lineup. It promises to be an incredible event, and I can't wait to experience it in person. The musical diversity and commitment to sustainability make this festival truly special. I'm counting the days until it arrives!

  10. Pedro Buigues says:

    Very good initiative, it was time to get their act together and hold this type of events in Jávea. I hope they leave a lot of economic impact on the municipality as happens in Cullera for example.

  11. Vile Scourge says:

    Things look good, I guess we'll have to wear the Spanish flag bracelet, and maybe the flag with the eagle.

  12. very fed up says:

    There are no Parties in Jávea, yes.
    And there are more bulls that are very fun to throw into the water, firecrackers and pissing in the streets.

    Such a continuous revelry is not even half normal, all year round with blocked streets, loud music...

    WHAT A BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • former mayor says:

      To leave Jávea by car, simply follow the road signs that will take you to the exit of the town and, from there, follow the signs to your desired destination. Thanks for everything.

      • Yoginimag says:

        Please put it in an area without residents so as not to disturb those who need to rest.

      • very fed up says:

        Wow, in addition to not being funny at all, you're a fascist from La Terreta, one of those who throw out everyone who isn't a drunk and a bull-killer.
        Good example, clown, yours is superb.
        50 years living here and you come to kick me out, of course kid, of course.
        You and how many others?

  13. Luis says:

    Another music festival?