Carnival arrives at the schools of Xàbia

All the public schools of Xàbia have celebrated, this Friday, 9 of February, the celebration of Carnival. All the students, dressed in their best costumes and under a different theme, have enjoyed the day. The schools Trenc d'Alba, Vicente Tena and Graüll have made, together, a parade through the different streets of Historical Xàbia and where they have shown visitors and neighbors their best suit.

First, the students of the Trenc d'Alba school, under the motto The earth, project they are working on during the course, they have left their facilities to the Graüll athletics track where they have met again with the students of this center who had as their theme The circus and with the Vicente Tena that they were disguised as Countries.

The imagination of each of the centers has been reflected in the magnificent disguises of the little ones. In the theme of The earth we have seen the animals in danger of extinction formed by the students of the first cycle of primary school, the plants occupied by children's schoolchildren and recycling the second cycle of primary school of the Trenc d'Alba.

The lions, tamers, zebras, strongmen, jugglers, clowns, mimes and popcorn sellers formed the group of El Circo corresponding to the Graüll school. For its part, the Vicente Tena has paraded representing different countries with their typical clothes: Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Holland, Portugal, Scotland and England.

In the Arenal school, the theme has been based, like the Trenc d'Alba, on the project of the center: music, emotions and sensations and in which classical music stands out: musicians, instruments and musical figures. Schoolchildren and teachers have shown their originality within this theme since for a day they have become composers, opera characters and even their own music instruments.

And in the Port of Xàbia, where the parade took place in the afternoon to make it easier for parents to come and see it, the students and teachers have turned into funny monsters, since the main theme was Monsters that do not scare. Original, funny, colorful costumes that have brightened the streets of Duanes de la Mar.

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