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Les Festes del Portitxol prepare to celebrate its ninth anniversary

Start date: August 11st, 2018
Finish date: August 12st, 2018
Event type: Party
Site: Portitxol
Hours: Consult program
Tickets: Free
Event finished

This next weekend, the 11 and 12 of August, the area of ​​Portitxol will live its summer parties. The consolidation and tradition is reflected in these celebrations with the celebration, this 2018, of its ninth consecutive year, after some neighbors started this initiative.

This year's program includes, in addition to the neighborhood meetings and the fun of children and adults, the performance of Pep Gimeno Botifarra with The veu of the Poble.

The festive 18 that make up the 2018 Commission invite all residents and visitors to participate in the scheduled events, "Because they are parties open to the public."

Program of events

El Saturday August 11, at the 19: 30 hours, the Colla Portitxol will open the festivities with a parade. The music of dolçaina i tabalet It will cross the streets of Portitxol and the area of ​​the viewpoint. Then there will be a snack for the attendees. At the 20: 30 hours, already on the esplanade where the party is concentrated, a performance by the cantaor Pep Gimeno Botifarra and la rondalla, which will end with the DANSA that leads the Grup de Danses. At the 22: 30 hours the brotherhood dinner is open to all who want to join and then the evening with the dance entertained by the orchestra Diamonds.

The program follows the Sunday 12 August, which will start with an awakening from the 9 hours with popular music, sardine for lunch and games and cucañas for children and adults. The festivities will be closed with the performance of the youth of the percussion group Tom'n'Go.

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