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Laura Giuliano from the Philippines: «I would like to return, but I know that in this circumstance it is difficult to travel»

31 March 2020 - 06: 48

Today we know how the situation of the coronavirus is in the Philippines from the hand of Laura Giuliano Wittwer. Laura, 16 years old, traveled to the city of Zamboanga (in the south-west of the Islands, with about 850.000 inhabitants), last July, through the exchanges organized by the Rotary Club of Jávea, to make a year of study, perfecting English and learning about other cultures. His goal is to return this June, if he can.

QUESTION: How is the situation there in the Philippines?

ANSWER: As far as I know, there are only a couple of infected in my city, although to this day (as of Monday, March 30), the number of infected in the country is 1546. The truth is I have not been informed much, but It seems to me there is not so much panic.

Q: What measures have been carried out so far? And what do you think of these measures and how have they been managed?

R: Basically the same as in Spain, we are quarantining. They canceled all the college events and the like. People are doing well, the truth is that I am not very informed, although my parents are, and they keep telling me.

The mayor of the city blocked all port accesses, as many ships arrive from different parts of Asia. They have also closed air and road access recently, you can only travel, if you leave the city. These are all preventive measures that help the virus not spread and reach the city.

Q: How are you living there and being away from home?

R: It is a difficult situation, I would like to return and at least be with the family, but I know that in this circumstance it is difficult to travel and I put myself and more people in danger. I am somewhat worried about my grandparents especially, but I know that they take care of themselves and call me every day, that leaves me more at ease.

Q: What do you know about what is happening in Spain? What news do you get?

R: The truth is that I am not very informed, I know what my parents tell me and things that come to me through social networks.

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