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The social rental homes of Xàbia must be built in June 2026

May 05 from 2023 - 00: 15

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, together with the councilors, Pepa Gisbert, mayor of Urban Planning and Montse Villaverde, from Large Projects, met this week in Valencia with the General Director of Housing, Elena Azcárraga and the technicians of the Department of Housing of the Generalitat Valenciana to discuss the issue of social housing in Xàbia.

In this meeting, the roadmap was drawn up to follow with the construction of the first 118 public rental homes, which will begin to be built in the coming months in Xàbia and are expected to be completed before June 30, 2026.

The construction of these houses will have zero cost for the Town hall, since Xàbia will be, along with Sagunto and Valencia, one of the first towns to receive Next Generation European funds; specifically, a subsidy for the construction of public housing for rent of about 5 million euros.

PSOE priority in the next legislature: access to housing

Now, facing the next legislature, the PSOE of Xàbia has presented the lines of its electoral program regarding social housing, an issue that will be of "top priority" for the party and for the re-election candidate José Chulvi.

Chulvi has appeared together with Montse Villaverde and Sergio Camarasa, the youngest member of the socialist candidacy to explain the problems that young people are experiencing in this matter. "In Xàbia you have two options. Either you inherit or you have to go to another town because there is no one here who can pay rent" Camarasa pointed out.

The mayoral candidate, Jose Chulvi, agreed that “access to housing is the great challenge. An emergency against which we have to act if we do not want our town to become inaccessible to its people”.

That is why the main objective of the next legislature of the socialist party will be to create a public housing park and regulate tourist rentals, a factor that is the one that most conditions prices.

It should be remembered that the Xàbia City Council made, at the end of 2022, available to the Generalitat Valenciana a total of five plots to promote the construction of 153 social and youth rental homes. Last April, the Ministry of Housing announced that Two of the five plots that Xàbia offered for the construction of housing for social rental had been validated. These are the two plots located in the Pou del Moro area (near the CEIP Trenc d'Alba). Now, one more plot has been confirmed, the one located next to the Arenal school. In total there will be 118 apartments for social rent and that these have maximum prices set by the Administration.

From the socialist team, the mayor Montse Villaverde has advanced that other areas of the municipality are already being studied to also allocate them to the construction of this type of housing.

And it is that, as indicated by the socialist candidates, the concession of the 118 homes that have been accepted will already be 55 years plus 20 extension. In other words, the construction company will be the owner of the houses that it builds and will be in charge of collecting the rent to make the investment profitable.

  1. Mariano says:

    I distrust the electoral promise that they are now selling us.
    I'm also wary of that runtime.
    I stick to the experience we have in Jávea in terms of works, I mean works where Chulvi has something to do.
    I understand that politicians think that we are all idiots, but no, I already tell them no.
    It's unfortunate that so much of his vote for people who are evil in themselves, neither do nor let them do.
    Hopefully one day someone prepared will govern us, with enough head and experience to reverse the number of mistakes that have been made, are being made and will be made due to not having two fingers in front of the command.
    Homes now?
    A little education, please, insulting citizens in this way is wrong, that we are the ones who pay for your lives.
    A respect.

  2. xabiero says:

    They lie more than they talk, now they are all promises and when the elections are over they forget everything and continue receiving a good salary for doing nothing and we have the proof in all these years that they have governed.

  3. erica says:

    Like the arrangement of the emissary, all electoral propaganda. Go on, keep voting for him, it seems that you like to be fooled.

  4. all the same says:

    Pre-election smoke. What has been done in recent years? Sell ​​public land to private companies!!

  5. Dalmo says:

    I believe that everything is a LIE.

    • PM says:

      One thing is certain, you have to admit it. This mayor is very good at selling promises and misleading advertising.
      Now come the announcements of everything that is going to be done.