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Jávea beaches retain their Blue Flags

May 14 from 2014 - 20: 08

Cala Granadella, Playa del Arenal y Grava beachThese are the three beaches that keep their blue flags in Jávea. The Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (eco) has made public the list of blue flags this season.

La Grava Beach Jávea

Thus these three Jávea beaches They maintain their distinctive quality. Blue flags that gets our town each year are an attraction for tourists who come to our coast for beaches with clean, transparent waters and maintained.

Montgo from Arenal Beach Javea

No wonder the Cala Granadella was elected last year for the second time as the best beach year. The town of Jávea has one of the sets of coves and beaches most sought by tourists and visitors from the east coast. Undoubtedly an environment that must be cared for and respected and that citizens of Jávea should feel very proud.

Water Cala Granadella in Jávea

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