Partial arbitration decisions prevented the victory of senior CB Joventut Xàbia

Spectacular match on Sunday afternoon at the Palau Miguel Buigues between Joventut and the Valencian team of Basket Comenius, who arrived at the game tied at the top of the classification with balance of 2-0 after the first two days of the league .

The game had everything, but in the end, the small details decided in favor of the visitors for 60 to 63, which will surely be one of the teams to beat in this league.

The game began with the Valencians very plugged in and scoring in all their attacks, thus getting their first starting advantages, 6-11 in the 4 minute. The locals, little by little, were entering their rhythm, a high pace in defense and quick exits to the counterattack. A partial 11-2 final for those of Xàbia allowed to reach the end of the first quarter with local advantage 25-20.

In the second quarter the visitor pressure at full speed put in difficulty the locals, who lost their advantage after a partial 0-7. From this moment, the party entered into absolute equality. After a Valencian basket on the horn, the result at rest was 39-40.

After the break, the home team continued to compete outstandingly. After getting a slight advantage of 5 points, 47-42, in the 26 minute, there was an action that would be definitive for the fate of the match. The local captain was ejected for a technical foul and an unsportsmanlike foul in one minute.

Without one of their best players and without a doubt, the defensive leader, things got complicated for black and white. In addition, the lack of internal rotation was worrisome due to the personal faults of another pillar of the team, Pablo.

After a few minutes of confusion, the team rose to arrive with everything to decide the last 10 minutes of the game. The score, at the end of the third quarter, was tied to 53. With the team tired, important players out of the game and the rotation come down, the visiting team took advantage of so many advantages to get a partial of 1-10 in 6 minutes that would be decisive in the match, 54-63 in the 36 minute.

The CB Joventut pulled pride in the last minutes and despite the disqualification by techniques of his coach in the absence of just over a minute to go, they were able to have options until the last second. At the end of the match, the result was 60-63.

Hard defeat by the foreign agents that influenced the best match that has been seen in the Palau in a long time. The positive note of these first days 3 is that the team is demonstrating a high level of commitment and intensity, and if so, it will surely be enjoyed this season.

On the next day, the team moves to the neighboring town of Ondara, where a team that counts by victories their two games awaits them, in what will be another hard commitment for those of Xàbia.

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