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The works of the Ultramar Avenue will end in the month of July

06 June 2019 - 11: 01

Some 50 days are missing so that the remodeling of the Ultramar Avenue or the Second Montañar is a reality. This is the deadline set if all actions continue apace.

The works, which began last October, have suffered some delays in recent months due to the change of the winning bidder, the heavy rain that fell in April and the renewal of the Safety Plan that has prevented workers from working for a few weeks.

Now, from this week, the company has resumed the works to continue the work of remodeling sidewalks and lighting. According to the work forecast, the deadlines are being met and it is expected that by the end of July this avenue will be fully completed.

From the consistory understand the neighborhood complaints that the works can cause some discomfort during the summer season and more in this section, "But we did not find it convenient to paralyze the works when they are practically finished."

The budget of this project amounted to 930.528,57 euros.

  1. Iñigo says:

    When the works are finished, if the company has a work, let me receive complaints.

  2. Erika says:

    I still don't understand how the works awards in Jávea work. According to the news, and I literally copy, «they have suffered some delays in recent months due to the change of the winning company, the heavy rain in April and the renewal of the Safety Plan that has prevented operators from working for a few weeks . »That is to say: change of winning company again, in how many works this has happened! and renewal of the Security Plan, which has taken no less than a few months, which I think is absurd. The rains are not going to blame the City Council, although it is clear that the Arenal drainage system had to have been fixed a long time ago. Anyway, hopefully now they start doing everything they haven't done in years ...

    • J. del Caz says:

      A work that has been running since October. As always, bothering people on vacation, when there were almost no people until a month ago. And now everyone is walking between potholes, bad fences, holes and temporary pedestrian crossings without signaling. People who pay religiously the taxes of the respective homes and spend a fortune in summer. But of course, as we do not vote here ...
      A real shame!
      Chulvi, resignation!

  3. María Jesús Arcaya says:

    Hopefully, they will end at the end of July, as the consistory says, so that we can come the month of August, to be in our homes.
    It's something.
    Thank you very much Javea consistory.

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