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The tears and the Cremà put an end to the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia 2022

25 June 2022 - 03: 00

The tears of the queens, ladies and presidents of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan Xàbia 2022 at the time of the Cremà de la Foguera symbolize the sorrow of ending the long-awaited festivities.

The first to put an end to Les Fogueres 2022 was Ariadna Serrat, Regina de la Foguera Infantil. After the joy of the parade of floats, the moment of her farewell was approaching. The Children's Court of Honor and the Youth Commission, accompanied by the three Quintaes (2020, 2021, 2022) arrived in parade at the Placeta del Convent to proceed to the Cremà.

The sad faces of all the festeros were noticeable as they passed inside the Foguera. Ariadna, after saving her ninot indultat, proceeded to light the firecracker that turned the artistic monument into flames and embers. At that moment, tears seized everyone present. Regina and her ladies wept in goodbye to her year of parties.

Cremà Foguera Central

And from one farewell to another. The firing of the fireworks castle before a large audience gave way to the last of the acts of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan; the Cremà of the Central Foguera.

In the first place, the three queens of the Quintàs 2020, 2021 and 2022, Marta, Nara and Olivia, withdrew their own figure from the Foguera (Ninot indultat) already in tears.

Later, and as usual, from the balcony, a long firecracker, lit by the queens, began the Cremà. Quickly, the flames took over the 'Caçador Caçat' and the fifth saw the end of their 15 intense days of San Juan festivities.

One cycle ends to start another. In fact, the prequintos were already acclaiming their next year of festivities before the Cremà de la Foguera. In a few months the preparations for Les Fogueres 2023 will start.

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