The 2025 Nazarene Festivities in Xàbia have already marked their beginning
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The 2025 Nazarene Festivities in Xàbia have already marked their beginning

May 14 from 2024 - 11: 24

This past weekend, specifically, Saturday night, marked the beginning of the festivities in honor of Jesús Nazareno 2025 with the traditional presentation of mayorales. A week after the image of Jesús Nazareno was carried by hundreds of neighbors to the Hermitage of Calvari of Xàbia, the thanksgiving Eucharist was held and as is tradition, at the end of the ceremony, the Brotherhood gives its distinctive medal to the new representatives, making their new role official.

Image: New mayorals of the Jesús Nazareno festivities of Xàbia 2025

This year, the medal ceremony has been particularly significant and has marked a milestone, as for the first time in the history of these centenary celebrations, 250 years, the medal was awarded four women, making them the first Mayoralesas.

The pioneers, Martina Roselló, María Roselló, Marta Doménech and María Tur, have entered history in a unique way, distinguishing themselves from the male Mayorales. They were not selected by lottery, but rather their own families presented them voluntarily, in response to a new inclusive policy of the Brotherhood that seeks to incorporate women into its ranks of representatives.

The four young women will share their responsibilities with Juan Vicente Escortell, Juan Bautista Catalá, Martín Escortell, Bartolomé Catalá, Rafael Cardona and Miguel Ern.

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