The Montgó area is once again in the crosshairs of thieves
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The Montgó area is once again in the crosshairs of thieves

04 June 2022 - 06: 33

Appropriating what belongs to others is an action that, unfortunately, is taking place more and more in various towns, including Xàbia. A few weeks ago we published the complaint of several neighbors from various scattered areas in which in a few days they had been immersed in an avalanche of robberies.

This fact has happened again in the Montgó area. Apparently the thieves have set their looting point in this area. Precisely, a week ago, and on two consecutive days, criminals attacked different homes in this area.

Several areas of Xàbia register a dozen robberies in the last month

Neither the surveillance cameras nor the neighbors intimidate this gang. Thieves take advantage of the absence of the owners to gain access to the interior of private property and steal money or jewelry.

The neighbors, tired of this malicious action, want to put limits on the friends of others. In 2017, approximately, and in the face of a wave of consecutive robberies, the residents of Montgó came together to stay connected in the face of suspected robberies. The neighbors created a WhatsApp group in which they are informed of any anomaly that arises in some of their streets and alert the Local Police.

Since then, the neighborhood connection is good, but it does not manage to put a stop to crime. For this reason, residents seek a solution with the sole purpose of alleviating the repeated thefts that they suffer almost week after week.

  1. Arenal says:

    Attention neighbors, the robberies are now concentrated in the Arenal-Montañar 2 area.
    Be very careful and we already know that united neighbors will never be defeated.

  2. Chulvi good, Javea bad says:

    Well, if you want to put an end to it, what you have to do is shoot two shotguns at those sons of… The day you find them.
    For the rest, nothing new, the city council does nothing? Of course, what did you expect, that at this point they change?
    What does not seem normal to me is that in this town there is no opposition. We are literally lost, aimless and without a solution.

    To the neighbors, perhaps by putting up barriers at the entrance of your streets, prevent the passage of thieves' cars and look for more feasible places such as the house of our beloved morally superior leader, known as the great sun god Chulvi.

    In short, to take for c… Javea. I hope the Russians invade us, I think that from here everything is going to be better.


  3. Leonia Bottle asensi says:

    And by the way ask security director and his relationship with the police

  4. Neighbor who knows a lot about many things.. says:

    You'll see the day someone from Chulvi's family is robbed, you'll see how everything changes, like light and day.
    At the time...

  5. Vecino says:

    That Chulvi talk to Marlaska and bring us more civil guards, we are already in a chaotic situation, this town is under the law of anarchy.

  6. Willy says:

    I think that it will be necessary to give a raid like when you go hunting to solve it.

  7. Carlos Buigues says:

    What they have to put in is more civil guards!!

  8. David royce says:

    It says nothing about the use of alarm/security systems…

  9. neighbor montgo says:

    There are few police and less civil guard, they are the ones who have the competence in citizen security.
    Now that the San Juan festivities are coming, all the municipal authorities are on the lookout for the festive events, unprotecting the outlying areas
    Finally, gentlemen, enjoy what was voted and the chief of police appointed by the mayor. Since this chulvi and monfort, the workforce has reduced more than 40% of troops

  10. Four says:

    Let's see, I don't know, but this thing of not having hardly any police and also, thanks to his precarious employment situation, without much desire to "give everything"...

    Total, that two and two…