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The suspension of some municipal taxes in Xàbia may not go ahead in 2024

27 October 2023 - 13: 30

The municipal socialist group of Javea Town Hall presented yesterday in the ordinary plenary session of the month of October a motion in which it proposed the extension of the fiscal measures that are currently in force that support the domestic economy and the small businesses of the population in the face of the generalized inflation that is taking place. lives.

The socialists, in the words of the councilor Ximo Segarra, referred to the suspension of the rate for garbage, the municipal school and opening licenses, in addition to keeping the IBI and the price of water frozen as support for families, self-employed workers and SMEs in the face of the rise in prices of basic products and materials. cousins.

Segarra stated that continuing with the suspension of rates was viable because the municipal coffers had more than 40 million from the banks and 5,4 million in surplus.

But this proposal did not have the support of the government team formed by PP, VOX and Ciudadanos por Jávea, who indicated that they did not see the urgency of voting on the motion. Given this argument, the PSOE explained that the urgency was that the law regulating local finances determines that any modification of rates or taxes must be definitively approved by mid-November so that it can come into force in January.

Likewise, the Councilor for Finance, Teresa Legay, stated that the numbers are being reviewed to determine the actions to be taken, "but things are in a hurry." Legay pointed out that the IBI will be maintained, as requested by the socialists in the motion, "but for now we cannot make a decision regarding the rest of the taxes since the City Council's expenses have increased."

Ultimately, the motion did not move forward and was not debated.

  1. BELARBI Amal says:

    Je viens de France, et je tenais à dire aux habitants de Javea, quelques soit le partie politique que vous soutenez, vous avez de nombreuses raisons d'être fière de vos présentants de la mairie. All the municipal equipment deserves the congratulations for a job that is also remarkable. Your city is magnificent, your inhabitants are very pleasant. Mais surtout vous avez une ville propre calme securisée, et pour finir vous avez les caisses de la municipalité avec un surplus mais vraiment c'est magnifice. All the cities of France are in deficit, the cities are already sold and the populations are partout and there is a total absence of security. Soyez heureux and apprécié à sa juste valeur ce que vous avez.

  2. Reader says:

    Could someone check the text, headline and article, because it hurts the eyes. It could also be that a being from other galaxies has found work in this newspaper, I assume that his fluency with our language is still precarious, because of this he does strange things with the letters, that could be it.

  3. Ibicenco says:

    Why would a 4 million euro villa pay rubbish again?

    Why would the owners of dozens of tourist properties pay the IBI in full again?

    We are all crazy?

    Normal... if 10 and a half months of the year are empty, why would we make them pay simply for having luxury or seeking profitability at the expense of our loss of services, police, cleaning...

    The 25% extra cost of the pool pays for itself! That will be profitable!