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The problem of parking caravans is transferred to the Mirador del Cabo San Antonio de Xàbia

January 23 from 2024 - 10: 53

The parking of caravans or residential vehicles in privileged places is once again controversial in Xàbia. Fixed First Mountainr issue due to the installation of gates and doors with height limits, the complaints are now transferred to the Mirador del Cape San Antonio.

Several neighbors have expressed their discomfort at the overcrowding of mobile homes in the Mirador located in the Natural Park Montgó.

Apparently, according to what different neighbors have reported to this editorial office, «the caravans are not parked in transit, as a time of visit, but rather they spend the night. "They spend the night or entire days in this place, harming nature and overcrowding the natural environment."

The complaint states that the overnight stay of this type of vehicle "is prohibited, by law, in this area of ​​the Montgó Natural Park. "Not only in this one but in all the Natural Parks."

The neighbors demand more control by authorities and those responsible for the park, "the park is abandoned. "They do not act as they should nor do they follow the regulations." A resident states that "on different occasions the collaboration of agents from both the Civil Guard, Local Police and Seprona has been requested and there has been no response."

The neighbor explains that "on the night of New Year's Eve there were a large number of caravans parked in this space in Cabo de San Antonio and when the fire occurred due to a castle of fire, they disappeared and returned two hours later when there was no longer any surveillance." ».

The neighborhood complaint also points out that the solution to this problem is not to install barriers that limit the passage of tall vehicles, "which are also illegal; because to prohibit access to caravans - in the case of first Montañar-, at the same time they harm businessmen who have vans that exceed 2,10m and cannot park in this space to go to work.

Given this fact, from the Javea Town Hall It has been indicated that the Mirador del Cabo San Antonio space is the responsibility of the Natural Park and the road is the responsibility of the Civil Guard. Due to this fact, the Local Police cannot act either.

Likewise, the City Council has stated that it will proceed to install information signs indicating the prohibition of parking caravans, motorhomes and residential vehicles.

  1. Carmela says:

    After the fights, the drinking, the prices of housing, the noise of drunk tourists, no one complains. I don't know what bothers you so much about caravans. In the end they won't even let you breathe.

  2. Poor Xàbia says:

    Maybe if there were police in Javea some things would be solved. But where are they hiding? Because to mark the festivals of all colors that are organized in this town... then you can see them! This Christmas, on the day of the Three Kings Parade, I counted 8 municipal officials issuing fines to cars that had not been removed from the street where they passed. 8!!!!!!!! What do they do the rest of the year???? Because in summer they don't appear. Not in the Arenal to fine the kids who speed along the promenade full of people, not in the yacht club to fine the Meharis who park on the sidewalk, etc, ……

  3. Luis says:

    The most interesting thing is that they are starting to annoy each other.

  4. narvaez says:

    No problem.
    It is prohibited to spend the night there, whether in a car or caravan.
    Poster warning about the topic
    Police at night who go there to beat anyone who is too smart.
    And period.
    What problem, or what dead child?

  5. Miki says:

    If it is a natural park, we agree that NO ONE can be parked at night, be it a motorhome, car or scooter. You cannot put forward some yes and no others.
    Regarding the other hours of the day, if parking is allowed, it is allowed to park whatever vehicle it is and that it is correctly parked.
    And also regarding anyone who is uncivil, whether with any vehicle, as well as whether it is on two legs, well, a fine that will take the hiccups out of any uncivil.

  6. Antonio says:

    From the noises, bottles, vandalism... from the Hacienda nightclub and nobody does anything. Years of suffering from it and then the greens denounce the neighbors for any nonsense.

  7. Spain hurts me says:

    In the end everything is going to suck because of the overcrowding of everything. A few are going to take it raw at the expense of everyone's wealth. I take it and you are left without quality of life. Gentlemen, we are getting out of hand.

    • Other says:

      What they would have to do is let them park anywhere like just another vehicle and if anyone is too clever camping, a good fine and that's how you learn by NOT FUCKING EVERYONE WHO DOES IT WELL

  8. Cris says:

    They can't park because it is a motorhome???? Damn what needs to be heard, they should let everyone park like that.