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The Local Police of Xàbia does not give more than yes

27 June 2019 - 09: 04

Working conditions have become unsustainable. The plate has been reduced and they have been obliged to double shifts to be able to take the service forward.

Since 12 years ago there have been no vacancies for local police agents. The needs of citizenship remain the same or more, but the body is increasingly depleted. Now, with retirements, only seven agents have left their post in only six months. With what the template in all this time has been reduced from 97 to 54 effective.

Although they have not been the key reason, the retirements have brought to light all the hardships that the collective is going through. And that they do not have any answer on the part of the City council.

A group of agents points out: "How important is the Citizen Security for the Mayor?", "Why do they just make us hit and hit the hiring of new policemen?", "We can't take it anymore. We're turning turns and doing overtime without to know if we are going to charge them. "

And, the issue of the hours is another issue that has not been solved. In November, the unions presented a proposal on the overtime of all the officials of the MI City Council, "Which, five months later, in April, had not yet been reviewed by the mayor, alleging this, that the personnel department was overwhelmed", the agents have indicated.

Also, due to the problems that the aforementioned department was supposedly having and in view of the urgent need to solve the issue of overtime, a Joint Commission was created to expedite the process, "But the surprise was that when the agreement of the Joint Commission arrived at the personnel department, obstacles were again found to continue its course", manifest from the Local Police of Xàbia.

To this day, according to the agents, the police have made more than 500 extra hours only at the San Juan festivities "because of the lack of cash to cover all events and all without knowing if we will charge or not", indicate the agents and add that "Mr. Mayor is directly responsible for the malaise that is currently being experienced among the officials of this MI City Council. Endangering, specifically, the professionalism of the agents and taking responsibility for the necessary decisions to improve the working conditions of the same".

Local Police officers of Xàbia point out: "We think that there could even be some personal inconvenience in which the officials of this city council and specifically, the Local Police dignify their working conditions."

  1. INDIGNAT says:

    I think you should inform you a bit because if you do not take more police places is because the recommended ratio POLICE / CITIZEN is 1 / 556, which comes to be that in practice in Xàbia 55 police officers are needed approximately. Another thing is that there are festivities, high season among others, that require the additional presence of security forces, but that is another thing to sing. I think we should rather consider why a town like Xàbia is not willing to have a National Police force, which is the real need that this town has and a fire station no matter how small ...

  2. Jesus Boada says:

    It does not matter !!!, but for the celebration of Moors and Christians, fireworks, and bulls if there is one. To make infrastructure nothing.
    Mr. Chulvi, the pagans of Arenal, we do not vote but we also pay a lot of taxes, the highest collection is outside the urban area and are the most disadvantaged areas in services and infrastructure, security.
    Remember !!!, At El Arenal, we pay taxes that we see

  3. Juan Centella says:

    Two questions: Why do not they report it before the elections? This Mayor has just been chosen in the smell of a crowd like the wonder of wonders, and now it turns out that it is not so much. So, how do more than 12 spend millions of euros on staff? The teachers and those of Health are of the Generalitat, those who clean are a contract, so it is a SCANDALO the payroll of the City Council. All full of friends and relatives, that's why no party has talked about reducing the payroll, and in it the police are MUCH more important than the thousand administrative there are. Is the model to make official all the people at the expense of guiris and forasters? A COLOSSAL IMMORALITY:

  4. Miquel Strogoff says:


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