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La Plana celebrates this weekend its festivities in honor of the Virgen de los Ángeles

Start date: August 02st, 2019
Finish date: August 03st, 2019
Event type: Party
Site: The flat
Schedule: Consult activity program
Home: Free
Event finished

The Sanctuary of The flat opens its doors, one more year, to celebrate the festivity of the Virgin of the Angels. Neighbors of this area, located at the foot of the Montgó and devotees of the Virgin will meet this Friday, August 2, to participate in a religious festival with a lot of tradition.

At 12 hours the Mass will be celebrated and then the traditional pilgrimage will take place with the picture of the Virgin of the Angels around the sanctuary.

These popular festivals also have a playful and brotherhood part, which is concentrated during the weekend. On Friday, at 22 hours, there will be a brotherhood dinner next to the sanctuary, with tombola and mobile home Aibax Bup, while on Saturday at 18 hours there will be varied games for boys and girls and snack, and at 22 hours a new brotherhood dinner enlivened by the orchestra Pacific Blue

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