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The orchestra of the Musical Artistic Center of Xàbia will delight with its art at the Palau de les Arts de València

31 October 2023 - 10: 59

For the first time, the orchestra of the Xàbia Musical Artistic Center will perform on the imposing stage of the Palau de les Arts de València, marking another milestone in the long list of the Xàbia musical group.

It will be next November 5th at the VI CaixaBank Comxicotetion for Orchestras of the Valencian Community at the Palau de les Arts Auditorium. The continued success and recent achievements are the result of the care, talent and dedication of the musicians, directors and the entire management team behind the Xàbia Musical Artistic Center. Performing in such a prestigious space is another distinction that enhances their reputation and demonstrates the quality of their music.

The Orchestra of the Musical Artistic Center of Xàbia will compete in the Salvador Giner category, for orchestras of between 30 and 60 musicians. In this category, the orchestra will face another outstanding musical group: the Symphony Orchestra of the Unió Musical Instructive Society of Tavernes de la Valldigna.

The Xàbia orchestra will perform first, at 10:30 am. For participation in the contest, the music chosen has been: Flute Concerto No. 1 in G Major k313 by WA Mozart with Carme Català Caturla as solo flute and Symphony no. 26 in D minor Lamentatione F.J. Haydn.

Performing on a stage as prestigious as the Palau de les Arts is a privilege that highlights the growth, dedication and artistic quality of the Xàbia Musical Artistic Center.

For the Xàbia orchestra and in the words of its director Joan Bou, more than a comxicotetion, it is a unique opportunity to show the hard work and talent of our musicians. We are committed to providing a memorable and exciting performance for the public present at the Palau de les Arts.

The director expresses his pride and satisfaction for the great work done by the musicians throughout the year, with a special focus on the last few months. This rigorous preparation has been a challenging process, but he proves once again that work, dedication and passion are essential ingredients to achieve high-quality results in the world of music.

The president of the association, Juan Antonio Sapena Codina, highlights the enormous work and commitment of the orchestra's musicians. It is evident that participation in this comxicotetion is an achievement in itself, a unique opportunity that highlights the constant effort of everyone involved, from the musicians to their director. The importance of performing in a prestigious auditorium such as the Palau de les Arts in Valencia cannot be underestimated, as it is a dream come true for many of the musicians, and represents a significant reward for their dedication.

Juan Antonio highlights that the experience itself is already a reward for the orchestra, regardless of the result of the contest. Furthermore, the fact that most of the musicians are taking to such a stage for the first time adds an additional element of excitement to the occasion.

Both the director and its president agree in congratulating all the musicians for their commitment and effort, recognizing that this success is the result of their involvement and enthusiasm. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of enjoying and living in the moment in their performance at the Palau de les Arts, being fully aware of the place they are in and the opportunity they have.

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