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The play 'El Viatge més dur del Món' will be performed at the 'XXI Living Chess' in Xàbia

19 July 2017 - 16: 04

21 years ago began that staging of a game of chess, an event organized by the Party Commission of Mare de Déu de Loreto, 1996 in collaboration with the City. During all these years, many works have been represented. In this 2017, the Miguel Buigues Pavilion Will host the XXI Living Chess of Xàbia with the representation of the work The Viatge més dur del Mon, libretto written by the teachers, Isabel Henarejos and Carmina Masó, based on a story by their 5th A students of the Public School Vicente Tena.

This original initiative received in 2002 the Fiesta of National Tourist Interest. Next Saturday 29 of July, at 22 hours, will take place this event that tells the story of a family of Syrian refugees from the city of Palmira who have to leave their country by war and, after a long journey through the north of Africa, cross the strait in a boat, reaching their golden dream to reach Spain.

The councilman of Culture, Quico Moragues, Highlighted this event that is "An opportunity for Xàbia boys and girls to participate in a theater-like performance, Living Chess is also a channel to instill values ​​since this year's work is linked to Solidarity."

In this edition, where more than 200 people participate, the consistory contributes financial aid of 13.000 euros, as well as the transfer of the municipal facilities.

The direction of scene will be in charge of the own Henarejos and Raquel Violero, and the general coordination on the part of Jose Erades and the director of Living Chess, Rafael Andarias, Who added that they also have the help of Caixabank.

Among the participants, there are over a hundred collaborators, including musicians, singers, dancers and extras, as well as the forty schoolchildren who will play the role of pieces of the game.

The 2017 edition

In previous editions, the celebration of this Living Chess was held on the esplanade of the port, but the fact of live music and other elements of Props Have made the location of this event change and can not be performed outdoors, so this year is the second time that will take place in the pavilion Miguel Buigues.

For this 2017, the game that will serve as a basis for the representation will be Emanuel Lasker-William Napier, Cambridge Springs 1904, and as usual since its inception, will be attended by a prominent guest who will be CARITAS and the player who will play With white will be Jaime Soler Cardona.

The Symphony Orchestra of Xàbia will participate in a disinterested way under the baton of Juan Bou. In addition, it will lead the musical direction, the percussion group It tom'n'gó, The traditional Valencian music group Doliriainers Xirimitab's, Guitarist José Manuel Cortés, singers Pepe Mata and Mohamed Elmeslouhi and dancers from the Salomé Rodríguez Dance Studio.

The president of the festival committee of Loreto, Juanjo García, Organizer of the event, thanked the work done to the City Council, Caixabank and all the people who collaborate in this event and pointed out that "From the commission an effort will be made to alleviate the heat, we will place some refrigerators so that the spectators have a pleasant stay."

For its part, the mayor, José Chulvi, Said that this event is a further attraction to the powerful musical cultural offer of Xàbia and stressed that "It's been 21 years that the Loreto commission and its director, Rafa Andarias organizes it, have shown a great commitment to culture, they are people who work to improve an event that is already consolidated and socially closely linked to the marine neighborhood, a party that is a reference in the Valencian Community ".

Likewise, a large screen will be installed in the venue on which videos and images will be projected that will accompany the performance, with the audiovisual director in charge of the producer and editor, Santiago Thévenet. The entrance will be free and free until the capacity is reached, which is estimated at 2.000 people (1.500 seated and 500 standing). The sculpture that will be given to the players is of Tomás Sivera and the organization will distribute the original story among the attendees and the contribution will be donated to Caritas.

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