The literature centers the events of the month of April organized by the collective 'Xàbia en moviment'

Start date06 April 2019
Finish date26 April 2019
Event typeother events
Placeconsult programming
Opening timesconsult programming

The newly created collective Xàbia in Moviment has organized, together with the Department of Culture and the Municipal Library, a program of events to mark the Day of the Book that is celebrated at the 23 in April.

In addition, during the month of April there will be no missing children's storytellers. On Friday 5, at 17: 30 hours, in the Duanes room, there will be a special about the stories of Andersen and the 12 day, at the 17: 30 hours in the village library will know the history of momo.

Also, the first literary act organized by Xàbia in Moviment will be the Saturday 6 April, at 12 hours, at the Café Lounge Duplex. In this act, the group will be presented, officially to society and then there will be a gathering of poetry with the authors Lidia Santacreu and Josep Dkaidek. This activity also includes a poetry recital by both writers that will take place in the Plaça de la Comare Maruja Varó (Duanes de la Mar).

El Monday April 15 the encounter with the poet Antonio Hernández is planned, an act open to all interested public that will begin at 20 hours in the Central Library.

El martes 16 It is the turn of Javier Reverte, renowned for his travel books and biographies. It will also be at 20 hours in the same library.

The second act programmed by the collective is for the Friday April 19. Throughout the day, in the surroundings of the Municipal Library of the historic center will be installed a small book fair where the public that attends can acquire works of local, regional authors and publications edited by the City Council.

Also, at the 12 at noon the presentation of the book will be made To the plate of Camus by Elvira Cambrils in the conference room of the Soler Blasco Museum.

El Tuesday April 23, officially on Book Day, the book will be presented in the Duanes Library "A Stone in my shoe" by George Ellenbogen. It will be at 19 hours and then a reading of its texts will be offered by Jill Morrison and Esperanza Morais.

El Thursday April 25, the international section of the Library will install, from 9: 30 to 13: 30 hours, a position in the flea market (Plaza Constitución) selling second-hand books in French, English, Dutch and German.

The closing act scheduled by Xàbia in Moviment It will be a gathering with the authors Anna Boluda, Helena Berenguer and Marta Català. The three will talk about LGTB. It will be the Friday April 26, at 19 hours, at the Café Lounge Duplex.

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  1. Erika:

    I attended, on 16 day, the meeting with Javier Reverte at the Municipal Library. Very entertaining and interesting; I knew, for a long time, both the travel books of this author and his novels, although I admit that I did not know his face as a poet. In fact, I have to thank Mr. Reverte for dedicating three of his travel books that I had at home and that I liked very much: The Dream of Africa, Heart of Ulysses and The River of Desolation. A success this cultural programming.


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