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The Board of Moors and Christians announces the cancellation of the Mig Any in Xàbia due to the incidence of the coronavirus

January 05 from 2021 - 14: 01

The current evolution of the pandemic in the Marina Alta region and, specifically, in Xàbia, has encouraged the Moors and Christians of the municipality to opt for a decision that they consider "logical, sensible and responsible; that guarantees the safety of all the people who are part of this great festival and, therefore, that of our relatives and close contacts".

"We cannot lower our guard at such a delicate moment that it forces us to be cautious and careful as a group that is part of the life and rhythm of our population. The Mig Any is a day of coexistence and reunion that will be missed. No However, if we are an entity that, year after year, knows how to provide joy and relaxation to our neighbors; we must also be an example of respect and generosity with an aspect as delicate as health and the hard work that is being done since health centers for the safeguarding of all ", has communicated the Board of Festes de Moros i Cristians de Xàbia.

In Mig Any, it is a tradition that there is a replacement of positions between the Flaggers who finish their mission and those who take their first steps at the head of the party. There is also the presentation of the Captaincy that will hold the title when the July celebrations arrive. As announced at the time by the Board of Festes, this change took place almost a year ago and Lucía Llidó Vallés and Carla Llidó Bertolín will be the next Flaggers Mora and Cristiana and the Filà Ballesters It will be the one held by the Captaincy embodied in the figure of its Captains Florencio Mata Crespo and Rosa Catalá Torres.

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