The story of them 'Festes del Portitxol'

Isabel Martí and Mavi Pérez We know the history of them Festes Portitxol. We say that at a meeting of Grup de Danses Portitxol which includes decided to resume after the holidays 50 years. They contacted natives who had homes in the Portitxol and got down to work.

This year celebrates the seventh edition of the second stage of the holidays, which are characterized by being popular and very familiar as we have discussed, "They are focused on people who live there and those who have lived. The first year forecasts overflowed and there was a large turnout".

Mavi Martí Pérez and Isabel

In this second stage the main novelty is the cooperation carried out by the Grup de Danses and festeras point that "the party started with a zero budget and dançaes parade and a performance of the Rondalla". During these years have grown and have taken actions such as Pep Gimeno "botifarra", he "uncle Blas"Character that this year will have a recognition after his sudden death.

For program development activities have a budget of around 5.000 euros. With this money has hired humorist, Eugeni Alemany and "Cant d'Estil»With a Valencian singer and front-line singer who will perform"Albaes and Cants de Ronda".

Mirador Cruz Portitxol

A Mavi Pérez what you like most about the holidays is that they are very familiar and the site is a wonderful place, it says that "we must try to reflect their origins, people celebrating the arrival of summer or the "Renda" had gone well and make people".

Isabel also points out that on Sunday morning they make a barbecue of sardines and games of cucañas and water. Also, he points out that there are people who only dance the dances and come to do it this day. Both highlight the work carried out by the Pastor family, which is concerned with embellishing the cross and giving up the «cottage»So emblematic that they put at the disposal of the party.

Mavi Pérez, is a person who loves the party, serves as a sample button that is; President of Fogueres, member of the colla del Portitxol, plays the dulzaina, participates actively in the parties of Portitxol. In addition to collaborating with the parties of Teulada. To this is added his business side as he directs the children's school "minairons«. It is logical to ask where does the time come from? Mavi responds that, "the 24 hours a day I fall short, the party gives me life and I enjoy organizing it. I do not like to improvise and try every year to improve what made the previous".

In the festival program it explains how sailors lived in the Portitxol by a letter in which has collaborated Amadeu Ros.

Finally note that the party comes to fruition, the council collaborates with 1.000 euros and up to five thousand who have budgeted have to work hard. They have multiple partners and designing the cover of this year is José Year "the Banyera".

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