The Xàbia Civil Guard commemorates the feast of the Virgen del Pilar

The celebration of Pilar Day, the patron saint of the Civil Guard, in the Xàbia quartering, was attended by the mayors of Xàbia and El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, which began with a campaign Mass by the parish priests of Our Lady of Loreto, Fernando Maño and Sant Bertomeu, Salvador Torrens, and Santa María Magdalena, Jorge, who ended the Virgin of Pilar, Spain and the Civil Guard alive.

After the mass the flag was raised and the offering to the fallen. The lieutenant, Javier Soliveres, highlighted in his speech that “Again, the Civil Guard is one of the key pieces for Spain's action to be responsible for public security in the nation to be present throughout the national territory".

“The Civil Guard is a police body highly prepared and adapted to current challenges but maintaining its spirit”, said the lieutenant.

The Civil Guard, together with the monarchy, is the institution most valued by the Spanish. As indicated by Soliveres, “In this Xàbia barracks, 337 arrests, 2416 investigated crimes and more than 400 aids have been carried out in this last year. Xàbia and Benitatxell are two municipalities with the lowest crime rate in the Valencian Community with the collaboration of the Local Police ”.

"In Catalonia we are also the body that has maintained the revolutions in Spain, we have taken the peace of mind to thousands of victims and crimes and fought against ETA until its defeat", added Soliveres.

“In Catalonia we are treated as villains and fascists to whom we do not share their beliefs. Under the flag of Spain we are all represented thanks to the daily effort, together we are stronger and a country envied abroad ”, clarified the lieutenant.

Javier Soliveres stressed that they feel appreciated by the population thanks to close contact with the citizen, "When they need us we will be there, ready to take our oath to the end to ensure security and freedom".

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Comments on "The Civil Guard of Xàbia commemorates the feast of the Virgen del Pilar"


  1. Fernando:

    I join in the congratulations of Erika. Precious Mass and magnificent address of the Lieutenant whom I am pleased to meet. Thank you.

  2. Erika:

    First of all, my thanks to the Civil Guard for their magnificent work. And congratulate Mr. Lieutenant Soliveres for his magnificent speech.
    But, please, I will thank for urgently rectifying the following phrase of Lieutenant Soliveres, since I suppose it is an involuntary errata: “In Catalonia we are also the body that has maintained the revolutions in Spain, we have brought peace thousands of victims and crimes and fought against ETA until his defeat, ”added Soliveres.
    Neither in Catalonia nor anywhere else in Spain has the Civil Guard "maintained the revolutions." What he has maintained is the fight against revolutions. Thank you very much. Long live the Civil Guard!


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