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Photography fills, from this weekend, the Xàbia municipal exhibition halls with 'Red Eyes'

14 September 2019 - 00: 36

Mili Sánchez and Mike Steel, the promoters of Red Eyes Festival have presented the programming of the different exhibitions that contribute this photographic event. After eight months of work and 5 years since the project emerged, it comes to light.

All part of the well-known photography magazine Ojos Rojos. To start with this event, this Saturday the first exhibition at the Soler Blasco Museum is inaugurated with the works of Tina Modotti, a historical retrospective, which could well be at the MOMA in New York. The exhibition is about a legend like Che Guevara with an intense life that has graphically minimized his photographic work.

In the Cactus Club an exhibition of two local photographers, Francisco Catalá and José Melero, is inaugurated. These are conversations they had for a year. They sent a photo without text and the other answered.

In the Ca Lambert room there are four very different exhibitions, when entering an abstract exhibition, then you will see the classic photography, a collection of Railowsky, the only bookstore in Spain dedicated to photography among which several vintage photographs of great Spanish authors stand out , as well as an original copy of the famous photo of Che Guevara that illustrates several t-shirts. In the lower part of Ca Lambert there will be a photo documentary work with a very poetic touch on Mexico City seen from the dark. The fourth exhibition is by Eugenio Vizuete.

The organization has commented that it was decided to separate the opening of the exhibitions between Saturday and Sunday, so on the second day the exhibition of Luís Baylón was inaugurated at the Casa del Cable, with an exclusive and groundbreaking work that for the first time will be seen in Xàbia. It is a unique opportunity that exposes it in a way
Different with unframed photographs.

Before the inaugurations there will be two talks, one with Juan Pedro Font de Mora who is the owner of the Railowsky bookstore and Luis Baylón about his work Madrid in silver. From the organization of the festival they want it to be an annual festival open to other municipalities of the Marina Alta.

For his part, Quico Moragues, councilor for culture, stressed that Xàbia will be the epicenter of world photography
the 14 20 September to October. "This festival brings references from all over the world. The city council has collaborated economically and has ceded all the municipal halls, workshops for children and for mobile photography will also be given", affirmed the mayor.

Mili Sánchez has closed the presentation stating that "Photography is not just beauty, it is a language."

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