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The specialization in artificial intelligence and big data will arrive at the IES La Mar de Xàbia next year

May 17 from 2022 - 15: 08

The educational center IES La Mar de Xàbia will implement the next course 2022/2023 a new computer specialization course in artificial intelligence and big data. It is one of the most demanded professional profiles of the moment and a booming profession.

As pointed out by the center, there are many companies that are looking for this type of specialist capable of analyzing large-scale data as a tool for decision-making, management and integration of information. A fundamental tool for any modern company.

The IES El Mar de Xàbia has opted for the training of professionals in this specialization and has become the only center in the Marina Alta region and one of the few in the Valencian Community to offer this official title.

The training, of a total of 600 hours, is part of the family of computing and communications. It is aimed at senior technicians in Network Information Systems Administration, in Multiplatform Application Development, in Web Application Development, in Telecommunications and Information Systems, in Industrial Mechatronics, and in Industrial Automation and Robotics.

It will be taught in the afternoon during the school year. Pre-registration for this specialization course will be done through the Conselleria Teleregistration platform and its pre-registration period is from May 19 to 29, 2022, both included.

People who have obtained the certificate that accredits the passing of this specialization course will be able to carry out their activity by carrying out their work in the area of ​​programming, infrastructure or consultancy.

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