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The National School of Coaches organizes a Federative Online Futsal Monitor course

09 2020 April - 13: 15

The Football Federation of the Valencian Community, through the National School of Coaches, calls the Federative Futsal Monitor Online Course. Registrations are open until April 17 and the course will begin on the 20th of the same month and will last until May 31.

This course will have a teaching load of 65 hours and the registration to the course or the information extension can be found at (https://ffcv.es/wp/blog/2020/03/31/nuevo-curso-online-de- monitor-of-soccer-room).

The course is online, so it is not affected by the confinement decreed by the Government of Spain with the State of Alarm. Taking advantage of this rest period due to the COVID-19 crisis, there are many first-row players who take advantage of this Online course, Carlos Ortiz, the closing of the Inter Movistar team and the Spanish Futsal Team, serve as an example.

Recognition of the degree

In accordance with the provisions of the Eighth Additional Provision of Royal Decree 1363/2007, the Royal Spanish Football Federation states that all the training described in the previous sections has a unique and exclusive recognition by UEFA (within the framework of the Convention of UEFA on Technical Qualifications) with all the consequences that at the level of participation in official comxicotetions recognized by FIFA and UEFA and international mobility entails being part of said structures as a member of them.

In this sense, it should be pointed out that UEFA and FIFA only recognize the RFEF as the only competent entity in Spain to carry out such training without any entity not attached or recognized by the RFEF being able to offer such Diplomas and Licenses with international validity. provided for in the UEFA Convention on Technical Qualifications.

In compliance with Additional Provision Eight section 4 of Royal Decree 1363/2007, of October 24, which establishes the general organization of sports education under a special regime, it is reported that the studies that are taught and the diplomas or certificates that are issued do not have the official character.

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