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The Xàbia Municipal School of Psychomotricity celebrates its closure in a special way

02 June 2020 - 09: 19

The Regidoria d'Esports de Xàbia offers, among its municipal activities, psychomotor classes for the little ones. Coordinated by Maribel Caravaca who also teaches classes with the monitors, Paula Catalá and Marta Quero, they have provided fun and a wide variety of exercises in which children have learned through play.

En a "very satisfactory year", as its coordinator has commented, since the school has had 90% participation in each class, throughout the year, both in face-to-face and online classes, because of the confinement.

The Psychomotricity school highlights the variety of thematic activities carried out such as: The circus, the games with toilet paper, under the Sea, terrifying Halloween, enchanted Christmas, noisy instruments, discovering the magic lights, egg boxes and their usefulness, games motors and countless circuits very attractive for children.

In addition, its coordinator appreciates the dedication of the families during the confinement, "We adapted our programming to the online classes and we are grateful that the parents have continued to collaborate with us in the telematic classes despite how difficult it is to maintain attention for such young children."

Caravaca has indicated that during these months work has been done; the senses (learning with my 5 senses), the superheroes (in which the children, in disguise had superpowers), the colors (learning them through dynamic games), Easter in my house (games in the rooms of the house and the chocolate bunnies), transportation (working road safety and transportation), animals (traveling to a zoo) and shapes (learning to dance with different shapes).

After the classes, the closing time has come, in which, individually, scheduled and outdoors, the monitors gave medals and gifts to each of the boys and girls.

From the School of Psychomotricity they wish everyone a happy summer and hope to see them again with new adventures in the next course.

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